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A Brief History of Library Automation

An automated library is one where a computer system is used tomanage one or several of the library's key function ... erials control, cataloging, circulation and the publicaccess catalog. When exploring the history of library automation, itis possible to return to past centuries when visionaries well beforethe comput ... dicator', developed by Albert Cotgreave in 1863. It housed miniaturebooks to represent books in the library's collection. The miniaturebooks were part of a design that made it possible to determine if ...

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Title: Cencorship in Libraries (a persuasive essay) Question: Should there be cencorship of any kind in public libraries

are not popular without reflecting the personal values of the librarians or anyone who controls the library systems. One person should never be confined to materials that another one believes is appro ... e, parents should decide to censor their children from reading materials, not someone else, nor the library. Since public libraries are known to be sources for free information for any variety of view ...

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The "Genius" - Leonardo Da Vinci

erson ever", "he was indeed a man of both worlds".( was born April fifteenth, fourteen fifty-two to, t ... nced his people's culture. "He was one of the greatest scientific minds ever to have lived".("Leonardo filled pages of his notebooks with thousands of ...

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Internet Reaction

f you are not well known to the internet and its search engines certain data remains hidden. With a library a catalogue of everything in the library exists, so anyone can find anything available at a ... in the library exists, so anyone can find anything available at a library. Also, the resources of a library have been selected by trained professionals and are reliable, were as anyone can publish a w ...

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Reading strategies

nds on what kind of books she reads. The most sources of information she relies on are Internet and library. Internet is a very useful and fast tool. She can just type the main keys and click search, ... just type the main keys and click search, then those information will come out by list. She goes to library a lot because there so many different type of book for her to choose but it takes her a long ...

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Note taking

hnicians, laboratory assistants, teachers in related subject area- Community: locate people through library, newspapers, television, radio, Yellow Pages, Internet. The sources can be government depart ...

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Decision-Making Model Analysis

law firm in which I work, the summer is one of the busiest times of the year especially in the law library, in which I am manager. Vacations are being scheduled, summer associates are entering, and c ... d on a weekly basis. Research projects are in abundance and it is my responsible to ensure that the library will be able to handle the amount of work that needs to be produced. In preparation for the ...

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Visitation: Lebanon County Library System

The Lebanon County Library System is made up of six independent public libraries serving the information needs of Leban ... community service project for his school so I contacted the United Way and they directed me to the library system of Lebanon County. We visited the Fredricksburg library on the first of May. There he ... to do. While he was doing his duty for the good of man kind I was gathering some information on the library and why they where connected with the United Way. They began telling me about the many progr ...

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Library Evaluation

raries. I've always thought that libraries are boring places where nerds and geeks go to study. The library is a place in which literary and artistic materials are kept for reading, reference, and len ... s and more books for readers; I never thought that my perception would change after seeing the Lied library. On my first day of college, I stumbled upon this huge building with a weird structure. I lo ...

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Study skills: report about a presentation

ily.To present the topic of stress a lot of research had to be done I used a number of methods e.g. library resources, internet, journals and notes from leaflets this is simply because stress is a ver ... a very vast subject with a lot of definitions and explanations. So me and my partners met up in the library and divided the tasks and simply organised who was doing what, when, and how.Hence I chose t ...

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Quiet Reading

n sense an undertone of a courteous nostalgic culture emanating from the silent environment. In the library everyone sits focused on a book. Amidst the silence sprinkles of noise fall here and there. ... does not penetrate these walls. The rise and setting of the sun will not trouble the visitors of a library.Looking for books becomes a sort of ritual. A person may look for one himself and when found ...

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college. To help you succeed in this journey you will need to make numerous stops at the university library throughout the duration of your four years. Now I know this might sound new to you after com ... oming out of high school, but you are going to have to check out books and other materials from the library. This might scare you right now because it might be a first for you, but don't worry it's no ...

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Women In Business

s, either in the names of their husbands or in their own names if they were widowed or single? ( Women gained greater rights after the second half of the nineteenth century. New l ... the satisfaction of working for one?s keep, and by the excitement of entrepreneurial endeavors ( study completed by Catalyst, a web site devoted to women in business, found that ...

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Finding Information?

When doing a research paper, where do you go to get the information, the Internet and the library? Most people think that the Internet is the best place to get the information. It is faster ... to get the information. It is faster and you can get anything that you want in almost no time. The library on the other hand, there is a lot of looking. There is just as much in the library but to mo ...

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The Internet: O What a Change

;, peer reviews and much more is available online. There is no need to spend hours and hours at the library when the library is under your fingers. If you want the hard copy of a book or article, you ... brary is under your fingers. If you want the hard copy of a book or article, you can research which library has it on hand. This will save you time and money; you won’t be burning unnecessary gas ...

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Black Boy by Richard Wright

es his best to keep sane and never stop pursuing his goals. He finds a man who gladly lends him his library card to borrow books. If it weren’t for this man, Richard would never have this access ...

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Strategic Planning and Implementation

d revision of the planning document is discussed, as are specific examples of the plan's effects on library operations. Last, suggestions are made for enhancing the effectiveness of the strategic plan ... ' strategic plans, however, are only the first steps toward achieving a workable plan for one's own library and garnering sufficient support to make the plan a reality (Riggs, 1997, 41-52). Accordingl ...

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Economic Growth

ing for mountainous students in Dong Nghe Commune, Da Bac District, Hoa Binh Province through Dream Library model placed at each schoolVerifiable indicatorsAssumptionsObjectives 1.To improve t ... get approved by the district 1.2. Two libraries units equipped and in use 2.1. About 2000 books for library, in average, each student has opportunity to access 700 books per year 3.1. 90% of students ...

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