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A Brief History of Library Automation

An automated library is one where a computer system is used tomanage one or several of the library's key function ... erials control, cataloging, circulation and the publicaccess catalog. When exploring the history of library automation, itis possible to return to past centuries when visionaries well beforethe comput ... dicator', developed by Albert Cotgreave in 1863. It housed miniaturebooks to represent books in the library's collection. The miniaturebooks were part of a design that made it possible to determine if ...

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Slave pens in the metropolitan area

at least three slave pens in the metro D.C. area and report on your finds. Using resources like the Library of Congress, City of Alexandria Library system, George Mason University, the Federal Histori ... ria Archaeology Department, the National Black Historical Foundation, the Duke University Reference Library, more search engines than I care to remember, and a fellow pilot named Steve Collins, I was ...

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A Step of Equality and Freedom for African Americans

his world of freedom, "For we colored people did not know how to be free"(African American Odyssey, Library of Congress). The government assisted in this process by establishing a period of reconstruc ... twentieth century the majority of African Americans could read and write"(African American Odyssey, Library of Congress) . With the ability to read and write African Americans where not trapped in ign ...

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Book Fair-Illiteracy

ould complement the appropriate recipient for the funds. A book festival might be a school event, a library function, or a community event. Our proposal is an event that reaches out to children as wel ... promoting reading and assisting in every way to realize a successful book festival (2004).The local library will be happy to participate in the community book festival because theyshare the local gove ...

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This essay is on the Black plague. It includes Where it started what its scientific name is and so on.

r Boccaccio, "More than half of the inhabitants of the northern Italian city of Florence perished." Library of Congress Some Scientists think that the Bubonic Plague might not have been the cau ...

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A Study of the African-American Mosaic: A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture

One of the many exhibits displayed at the Library of Congress is The African-American Mosaic: A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Stu ... Colonization, (2) Abolition, (3) Migrations, and (4) the Works Projects Administration ("WPA"). The Library's purpose for presenting this exhibit was to spur interest in African-American history and t ... ed to emigration. In 1964, after the dissolution of Liberia; the nation's records were given to the Library of Congress.In 1833, the abolitionist movement began with the formation of the American Anti ...

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Declaring Independence: Drafting the Documents

An exhibit displayed at the Library of Congress is titled, Declaring Independence: Drafting the Documents. This exhibit is uniqu ... bit is unique because it will eventually end up in the permanent exhibition called "Treasure of the Library of Congress" which will open in 1997. Such a document is considered a treasure to the Librar ...

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Abortion in Historical Context - The Early History of Abortion

In 1974 the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress prepared a brief summary of the judicial and legislative aspects of abortion con ... OCUMENT 1: An Overview of Judicial History and Legislative History. Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress, Issue Brief on AbortionThe moral and legal issues raised by the practice of abo ... without lawful justification," leaving interpretation of those standards to the courts.Source: U.S. Library of Congress, Congressional Research Service, "Abortion: Judicial and Legislative Control," I ...

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Work Cited Davis, Joyce. Between Jihad and Salaam. New York: Library of Congress Cataloging- in-Publication Data, 1997.Elias, Jamal. Islam. New York: Prentice Ha ...

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Gwendolyn Brooks

niversities. She has received two Guggenheim Fellowships and has served as Poetry Consultant to the Library of Congress. In 1900 she became a professor of English at Chicago State University. She died ...

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                                   Christopher Columbus         Daniel J.Boorstin, who has served

Christopher Columbus Daniel J.Boorstin, who has served as director of the Library of Congress, director of the National museum of American History, and senior historian of th ...

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                                   Christopher Columbus         Daniel J.Boorstin, who has served

Christopher Columbus Daniel J.Boorstin, who has served as director of the Library of Congress, director of the National museum of American History, and senior historian of th ...

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Total Quality Management Paper.

part of TQM is identifying your specific goals and finding the various ways to achieve those goals (Library of Congress, 2007). TQM is mainly concerned with continuous improvement in all work from hig ...

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The Election process of the United States of America

y system and the people who eligible to run for specific offices. America has a multi-party system (Library of Congress, Parties). A political party is a group of people that represent a group of idea ... also have to be at least thirty-five years old and living in the United States for fourteen years (Library of Congress, Candidates). Candidates for the Senate have to be at least thirty years old, ci ...

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Universal Health Care

verage for all the residents of the United States. The full text of this bill is available from the Library of Congress. (H.R. 676). The title of this Act is the "United States National Health Insuran ...

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Gioachino Antonio Rossini

e days, unusually scored for 2 violins, cello and double bass.The original scores were found in the Library of Congress in Washington DC after World War II, dated from 1804 when the composer was twelv ...

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Abortion and Liberty

kson, Texas 775663Copyright © 1983 by The Foundation for Rational Economics and Education, Inc.Library of Congress Cataloguing in Publication DataPaul, Ron 1935-Abortion and Liberty(F.R.E.E. Essa ...

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hough the Machine-Readable Cataloging (MARC) standard is often underestimated or disregarded in the library community, the MARC standard does provide a lot of robustness and flexibility for data mappi ... Machine-Readable Cataloging also defines a bibliographic format for data which was developed at the Library of Congress in the 1960s by Henriette Avram. MARC provides the protocol through which there ...

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Proposal Paper on Mamie Clark and Kenneth Clark.

ve our teacher an idea of who we will be researching. That same weekend, I went to the Olney Public Library and looked through a few books that had research on one of the most incredible psychologists ... my focus on Mamie Clark. The most important resources I have come across are Kenneth's boxes at the Library of Congress. The most popular experiment of her and Kenneth's is the Doll Test Experiment. T ...

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Underground Railroad

mary SourceWebber, Charles T. "The underground railroad/Chas. T. Webber." Photograph. c. 1893. From Library of Congress, Printsand Photographs Division."Geor ... abin booked by Klaw & Erlanger." Lithograph. N.Y. A.S. Seer's Union Square Print., [1886]. From Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.

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