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L'etica nelle opere di Grazia Deledda

nti sono modeste. Si rafforza in lei il desiderio di allontanarsi dall'isola. Nel '90 esce il primo libretto: "Nell'Azzurro", poi un romanzo in appendice ad un giornale di Cagliari: "Stella d'oriente" ...

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Monteverdi`s opera "L`Orfeo".

deutung im allgemeinen. Ihre Untersuchungen zeigen auf, wie subtil Monteverdi Alessandro Striggio`s Libretto behandelt und mit welcher Konsequenz und welchem Detailreichtum er eine Dynamik erschafft, ... e durchaus zu schätzen und ruft seine Mitmenschen zu Glaube und Gottesverehrung auf.Striggio`s Libretto erweckt die Natur zum Leben. Schon im Schluss des Prologs wird die Natur dazu aufgefordert, ...

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Haydn at Esterhaza

), Lo Speziale (The Apothecary), was very short and the serious characters had been eliminated. The libretto was written by Bouldoni and included the stock characters of an old man, young lovers, and ...

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Opera composer 1590 - 1890

quent use of the pathetic fallacy. For instance, at the beginning of the opera, Ottavio Rinuccini's libretto states that there is not an animal in the forest, a bird in the trees, or a fish in the str ... ted the legend of Orpheus as a metaphor for the life of Christ. (MacKay 1992)The first draft of the libretto written for Monteverdi by Alessandro Striggio the younger left the ancient ending of the my ...

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