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Famous people of the Civil War.

Van Dorn captured Grant's base at Holly Springs andhe had to retreat. In 1864 Grant was promoted to lieutenant generaland named general in chief of all federal armies. In April 1865 Grantforced Lee to ...

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Spanish American War

y Pasaron; Admiral Pascual Cervera y Topete; General Firmin Jaudenes; and General Jose Toral.Cuba - Lieutenant General Calixto Garcia IñiguezPhilippines - General Emilio AguinaldoCountries Invo ...

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"Our armies do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or enemies, but as liberators." Lieutenant-General Sir Stanley Maude, March 11, 1917, on the occasion of the Anglo-Indian Army of th ...

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Thomas jonathan jackson (stonewall)

med forces.His later assignments were commanding valley district department of northern VirginiaAnd lieutenant general of the army of northern Virginia. When he left Harpers FerryHis team move with hi ... ll "Bull Run". He also earn two braves through the Mexican war .Jackson in addition was colonel and lieutenant general of Virginia . Jackson was also a professor at the Virginia Military Institute. fu ...

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The History of Cambodia

as taken out of power in a military revolution. The leader of the new government who took power was lieutenant-general Lon Nol. When he took power, he also became the president of the 'Khmer Republic' ...

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American Desicions for the Battle of Yorktown

tish Commander, was accompanied by over 10,000 men.In July 1780, about 5,500 French soldiers led by Lieutenant General Comte de Rochambaeu, arrived in America. Soon after the French arrived, the Briti ...

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Japanese Internment (executive order 9066)

Americans. "A Jap's a Jap! It makes no difference whether or not he is an American or not," stated Lieutenant General John L. DeWitt. "The Japanese are cowardly and immoral. They are different from A ...

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Modernizing Military Logistics: The U.S. Marine Corps

t improvements won them the Global Award for Department of Defense Supply Chain Excellence for 2001.Lieutenant General Richard L. Kelly the Deputy Commandant, Installations and Logistics wrote in thei ...

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Iwo Jima: How did the Japaneses lose the battle of Iwo Jima?

ll force and give the Japanese every thing they had. Japan began very early preparations appointing Lieutenant General Tadamichi Kuribayashi. His plan was to build up and hold off the Americans as lon ... able to dig hundreds of pillboxes and artillery bunkers. The Japanese also had the noble and heroic Lieutenant General Tadamichi Kuribayashi commanding them. The Japanese had the capability of holding ...

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Hideki Tojo

ecember 30th 1884. His nickname was “The Razor”His dads name was Hidenori Tojo, who was a Lieutenant General in the Japanese army. Hideki had two brothers unfortunately they died before Hide ... e sons and four daughters .After his marriage he first started out in the Japanese army as a second Lieutenant in the infantry. Over the years he moved up the ladder in the ranks. He then attened the ...

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General sir arthur currie

LIEUTENANT--GENERAL SIR ARTHUR CURRIE (A brief account of the battle of Passchendaele) Lieut ... ad enlisted as a lowly gunner in the 5th Regiment, Canadian Garrison Artillery; by 1909, he was the lieutenant-colonelcommanding the regiment. In late 1913, Currie accepted the challenge of raising an ... ts marvelous, record, a series of successes without a single setback, by the end of the war. Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Curries was not pleased at the prospect of going to Passchendaele. Cur ...

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The Vicksburg Campaign

on the defensive because his men where scattered around western Tennessee and northern Mississippi.Lieutenant General John C. Pemberton was the man put in charge to replace General Van Dorn who was h ...

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The Bunker by James O'Donnell Book Report

Misch… working the shift with… Corporal Exmann. Some thirty members of the FBK, under Lieutenant Colonel Franz Schaedle… Major General Rattenhuber… pilot Hans Baur… ... er minor charges. Ernst Kaltenbrunner… and Heinrich Mueller, chief of the Gestapo… SS Lieutenant General Hermann Fegelein… The Reich Chancellery Group in 1945 included two ministe ...

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