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"The Open Boat" by Stephen Crane - comparison essay to the responses of characters in a short story. 600-700wrds - Discuss the responses to Nature of a character or number of characters in

and emotional pressure caused by nature, which four men face to survive while stranded at sea in a lifeboat. The captain, oiler, cook, and the correspondent all respond emotionally and physically dif ... The captain although hurt from the sinking of his ship; still maintained his leadership role in the lifeboat. He gave direction and guidance to the crew as they rowed for shore. The captain was the ch ...

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"Poverty Anonymous": How the US sould handle foreign aid.

POVERTY ANONYMOUSIn dealing with impoverished countries, Hardin likens the situation to a lifeboat, wherein there are only enough places for so many people and only enough food for that exac ... oser observation reveals it is only true to a certain extent. And as Cousins (1992) points out, the lifeboat view is actually only a selfish desensitization and no help at all. Cousin also points out ...

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Life of Pi Thesis

accomplished in the readers' mind without strong imagery as well. The relentless sun cast over the lifeboat along with the deep blue unforgiving sea is able to help the reader envision the intense we ... with the lengthy sunlight than the occasional rain storm. Although the rainstorm could capsize his lifeboat in one quick wave, it would have been done and over with. The prolonged brightness and inte ...

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Life of Pi by Yann Martel

on his way to Canada from India when his ship starts filling with water. He is stuck all alone on a lifeboat with four animals: a zebra, hyena, orangutan, and a 450-pound tiger. Pi struggles to unders ... b in Canada, they decide to move. On their route to Canada, their ship capsized and Pi is left on a lifeboat. The rest of the book is aboard the lifeboat and how Pi manages his problems here.Pi Patel ...

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Appearance vs. Reality - Was Piscine (Pi) Patel's journey across the Pacific just another story, or was it the truth?

on of zoo animals. As soon their boat reached the open Pacific, it sank. Pi managed to get aboard a lifeboat where he was stranded for 227 days, with a wounded zebra, and orangutan, a hyena, and a 450 ... years that the war lasted. After the ship Pi was on sunk, Pi started to imagine the animals on the lifeboat. What had happened was so terrifying to Pi that he imagined the whole experience or came up ...

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This essay deals with the concept of 'reinventions' and its relevance in texts such as 'Life of Pi' by Yann Martel and 'Lord of the Flies' by Golding.

anges in relation to his beliefs and perspectives. Pi states on page 206 that while stranded on the lifeboat for 200+ days, "my behavior was not an act of insanity or a covert suicide attempt, but a s ... od. It is said that Pi "seems to be attracting religions the way a dog attracts fleas."Being on the lifeboat with an Bengal Tiger for such a prolonged period of time forced Pi to re-evaluate his life ...

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Why Girls Are Better Than Guys

h; If we are on a huge ship that just happens to hit an iceberg, we'll probably get first dibs on a lifeboat.Ø We will never have to stand at a urinal and have other girls stare at us.Ø ...

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The Mary Celeste - the Shipwreck

hip was entirely abandoned. The compass had been destroyed and the clock was broken. It is said the lifeboat looked deliberately launched. All of the ship’s papers, food and water seemed untouche ...

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k was alive with movement all over. It was total pandemonium as everyone was trying to get aboard a lifeboat. "I have a feeling that the unsinkable Titanic is sinking," Joe said. "Sinking or n ... a huge berg and we're taking on water fast down below." He replied. Before I had time to think, the lifeboat was lowered into the water slowly. I felt sorry for the people on that lower deck because t ...

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Lord jim

e boat while the Moslems were asleep. Afraid the ship would sink, Jim and the other officers took a lifeboat to safety while the ship went under. They could even hear the screams of horror aboard the ...

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Essay On Plot Of Isak Dinesen’s “The Blue Jar

e and Helena is forgotten. Luckily, a young English sailor rescues her and carries her to a waiting lifeboat. The Falling action in the mini plot is their nine-day ordeal of floating for nine days bef ...

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The Open Boat

reached the four men. The four men are the only survivors. They manage to climb aboard a very small lifeboat, but the captain is injured (Crane 453-454). Already, Crane has given an example of how nat ... calling for help. Nature could kill all four men during any given minute.The men float along in the lifeboat for several days. Each of them except for the caption, who was injured during the Commodore ...

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Canadian equalization payments

lue." It is fairness, it is helping the regions which need help, and on and on. Welfare should be a lifeboat not a houseboat. With equalization we haven't made it easy for people from less fortunate p ...

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In Life of Pi, how does the relationship between Richard Parker and Pi change as the story progresses? What is its significance?

an author Yann Martel, a relationship develops between a Bengal tiger and Pi, who are stranded on a lifeboat after a horrific shipwreck Richard Parker and Pi seem to be full of opposites as the ordeal ... Nevertheless, there are specific intentions of the author in placing these two living beings on the lifeboat which become apparent as the story progresses. The developments in the relationship are sig ...

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Aesthetic Theory in Life of Pi by Yann Martel

tended without limits all about me." (Martel 117). This quote comes from when Pi was sitting in his lifeboat. This whole scene makes Pi feel very small in such a large world. Martel conveys a message ... becomes shipwrecked, he tells the reader that Richard Parker is having a hard time making it to the lifeboat. Pi decides to help him by throwing a lifebuoy, "He was too far. But the sight of the lifeb ...

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Life of Pi by Yann Martel Examining Pi's Savagery in Life of Pi

t his instinctive mind and serve as an escape from the horrific level of savagery he sank to on the lifeboat. Pi, however, did begin to accept his situation and realize that his instinctive mind would ... the representation of his instincts. Pi's rational mind was not fit to survive all that time on the lifeboat; he is a vegetarian and a very religious person and would not have had any food on the life ...

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