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Boyle's Law Experiment.

xponential decay. However the graph showing pressure against the inverse volume produces a straight line intercepting the pressure axis at approximately 8kPa. As a straight line graph is produced by p ... ever we have yet to explain the intercept produced.For an ideal gas P 1/V, thus creating a straight line graph passing through the origin proving no other parameters i.e. mass or temperature of gas ar ...

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Resistance of a Wire

x-axis against resistance on the y-axis. From the relation R = ? L /A which corresponds to the st. line equation ?y=mx the graph should be a st. line passing through the origin where "m" is the gradi ... y=mx the graph should be a st. line passing through the origin where "m" is the gradient of the st. line graph and corresponds to ?/A. Since the cross-sectional area of the wire can be found by knowin ...

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ation-time graphs. Three types of graphs can be used to determine the motion of an object; a curved line graph, horizontal line graph, and a diagonal line graph. In a displacement-time graph, a ... izontal line graph, and a diagonal line graph. In a displacement-time graph, a smooth curved line means that the object has a non-uniform velocity and a uniform acceleration. A horizontal line ...

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Economic Models of Behavior - bibliography included

c. Another model which demonstrates economic behavior is a graph. Graphs are often fashioned into a line, column, or bar format. A line graph, with the values of the variable measured on the vertical ... the vertical axis and the years shown on the horizontal axis, is called a time series (Mings, 21). Line graphs are especially useful for measuring quantities over a period of years. Column graphs are ...

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Stock Market Analysis

mber to Saturday the 10th of November.b) Amcom Telecommunications buy and sell prices arranged in a line graph from Tuesday the 6th of November to Saturday the 10th of November.c) Amcom Telecommunicat ... the maturity of our network and our focus on sales and Marketing. Rising broadband revenues are in line with our internal forecasts and I believe this stems from the combination of the broad reach of ...

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was that the higher the sugar concentration the less weight increase the potato had. My results and line graph easily prove this. My results show that Osmosis is a special kind of diffusion when a par ...

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Social Studies Notes

90 Longitude- Imaginary meridians that circle the globe vertically going from 0 to 180 Grid System- lines of latitude and longitude cross one another making a grid.Interdependent- relying on each othe ... graphy- physical features of the earth's surface.Relief- differences in height or elevation.Contour Lines- connect all points of equal elevation.Special purpose map- maps that have a special purpose. ...

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Chemistry - Discovering Gas Laws Notes

causes the temperature to increase.-direct relationship between pressure and temperature (diagonal line graph)since temperature is the measure of the average amount of kinetic energy → if temper ...

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