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Time's Oldest Debate.

than oxygen. The former atmosphere is where much of present day organic molecules such as proteins, lipids, and enzymes were created in abundance. By chance or simply because of the laws of nature, th ...

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Bacterial Growth

life can grow. These environments include hot springs and areas of volcanic activity. They contain lipids but lack certain chemicals in their cell wall. Eubacteria are all other bacteria. Most of the ...

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It got me a good grade Ohh this report is so good!LIPIDSThe subject I will cover is lipids. I will tell you about the description of it's organic comp ... tructure and give examples of types of these compounds, such as cholesterol.The organic compound of lipids have many similarities. They are almost always greasy, fatty, oily, or waxy. They do not diss ... you get grease on your hands it is hard to wash of because it seems to repel the water.You can find lipids in many places. They are usually in fatty foods like butter, salad dressing, and cooking oils ...

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The Biochemistry of Snake Venom.

zymes as proteases and hyaluronidase (including 20 digestive enzymes), metal ions, biogenic amines, lipids, free amino acids, and more than 80 large and small proteins and polypeptides that have only ... on of thrombin from prothrombin, without even the need of the cofactors calcium, factor V or phospholipids. As these cofactors are replaced by the unknown component, the production of thrombin is acce ...

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What is cholesterol?

in proteins (apolipoproteins). When these proteins wrap around cholesterol and other types of fats (lipids)to transport them through the bloodstream, the resulting "packages" are called lipoproteins. ...

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Why is Life Cellular

ctions.*To grow, a cell must be able to synthesize the correct complex molecules, such as proteins, lipids, DNA, carbohydrates, etc. in the correct amounts, in the correct places, and at the correct t ...

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Lab write up on finding organic compounds in common everyday foods

gs, organic compounds are present. Most common food contains the most abundant organic compounds of lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins. Lipids are used to store energy. They include fats oils and wax ... s: If the food contains fats oils or waxes like vegetable oil and butter then the food will contain lipidsIf the food contains carbohydrates like potatoes then it will contain starchesIf the food is s ...

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Notes on Membrane Structure and Function

Function*Selective permeability- allows some substances to cross it more easily than others*Phospholipids are the most abundant lipids in membranes *An amphipathic molecule (has both hydrophil ... h hydrophilic and hydrophobic region), proteins too*Overton hypothesized that membranes are made of lipids*Langmuir made artificial membranes by adding phospholipids dissolved in benzene to water*Benz ...

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The Plasma Membrane

anometers and is found in both animal and plant cells.There are 3 chemicals found in cell membranes.Lipids - which form the bi-layerProteins - consist of two types: a. those that span the whole membra ...

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Fats, or 'lipids' are like raw chicken fat, a greasy, yellowish substance that is translucent. At room tempera ...

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Genetic Disorders

llele is Tay-Sachs disease. This is caused by a dysfunctional enzyme that fails to break down brain lipids of a certain class. The symptoms usually become manifest a few months after birth. Some sympt ... o metabolize gangliosides, a type of lipid, because a crucial enzyme does not work properly. As the lipids accumulate in the brain, the brain cells gradually cease to function normally. Only children ...

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Tests for various biological molecules and their properties

ng proteins for cell to cell adhesion, transport, signal molecules and for defence.2. FatsStructure:Lipids contain of just large regions of carbon, hydrogen. They are all hydrophobic and not soluble i ... her the big breakfast is a healthy breakfast for people to consume.Experimental procedure1 Test for lipidsBREADStep 1: grind the bread into small pieces which can put into the test-tubeStep 2: put the ...

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Olive or Coconut Oils? 7 pages of study notes on the differences between the two and which is better for your body

1) lipids: liquid & solids- Fats and oils are technically known as "lipids".- If a lipid is liquid ... beneficial health properties. These phytonutrients include carotenoids, vitamin E, sterols, phospholipids, glycolipids and squalene. In addition, processors can recover powerful, water-soluble antiox ...

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Experiment write up, including method and discussion on testing food substances for the presence of lipids (fats)

Testing Food Substances for the Presence of LipidsAim:To establish which food substances contain lipids.Hypothesis:1. All diary products will co ... ntain lipids.Hypothesis:1. All diary products will contain lipids.2. All animal tissue will contain lipids.3. All plant storage organ products, i.e. seeds, will contain lipids.Introduction:Lipids are ... soluble in organic solvents. Ethanol is an example of an organic polar solvent which will dissolve lipids to a limited extent. However ethanol is miscible with water so when a solution of lipid and e ...

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To What Extent Can Obesity Be Explained By Biological Factors

een defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) (WHO, 1998) as an excessive accumulation of fat (lipids) in the adipose tissue of the body. This paper addresses the various relations of obesity wit ...

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Objective: 1. Test for the solubility of the lipids in the several common solvents.2. Test for the saponification and the property of the ... This is a test for the saponification. A saponification is the reaction that happened between the lipids and the hydroxide. ¡§Peanut oil + hydroxide ¡û soap + glycerol¡& ... ;¦t release that kind of smell.4. The test 4 is a test that test for the unsaturated lipids. The mechanism of this test is: R1CH=CHR2 + ICl ¡û R1-CHI-CHCl-R2.(brown) (colorl ...

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Unknown Chemical Lab

organic chemical groups. The ones we are studying are, Nucleic Acids, Carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. Beginning with carbohydrates, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are elements of molecules in this ... used to form all of an organism's enzymes and to structure the protein. Elements that are found in Lipids are hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. Lipids are very important for proper functioning of the org ...

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Maintaining a Balance

e)(enzyme)Cattle, kangaroos, sheep, etc., consume lots of cellulose.cellulosecellulose glucosefats (lipids) lipase fatty acids + glycerolprotein protease amino acidsTheir role in metabolism: metabolis ... form(s) in which each of the following is carried in mammalian blood:carbon dioxideoxygenwatersaltslipidsnitrogenous wasteother products of digestionCarbon dioxide:Carbon dioxide is carried in 3 diff ...

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InSitu Hybridization For MRNA Localization

t al, 1991). This is achieved by a series of ethanol washes, treatment in xylene to remove residual lipids, incubation in PBS, treatment in pepsin in N HCl at 37 C and treatment in formaldehyde for 10 ...

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Eating Disorders

l necessities in life, carries out various functions in the human body. Carbohydrates, proteins and lipids provide energy for our body to perform daily activities such as walking, cleaning, bathing an ...

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