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Independence of Brazil, unique in the way it was achieved and announced

evated to the status of kingdom and that news"had been ill-perceived in Portugal, and especially in Lisbon"(Viotti de Costa65). The old metropolis couldn't forget that Brazil once was a colony overwhi ... vernment became more and more insistent. The present king of BrazilDom Joao was forced to return to Lisbon. Just before embarking, he warnedhis son Dom Pedro (the heir apparent to the throne who the k ...

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The Virgin Suicides by Jeffery Eugenides: An analysis of the narrator

group of young males that are united by gender, location, friendship, and their fascination of the Lisbon girls. Though the story takes place at a young age, it gives the feel early on that the narra ... boys, are lumped into the collective knowledge in the hopes of gaining access to a truth about the Lisbon girls. The second paragraph on page 41 illustrates this.The novel is continually concerned wi ...

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Candide by Voltaire:What is the relationship between Candide's adventures and Pangloss's teachings?

r them; instead, only brought them to their deaths. When the sailor, Pangloss, and Candide get into Lisbon, an earthquake destroys most of the city. A tidal wave also crushes ships in the port. In an ...

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Christopher Columbus's legacy

ed means, so that the early education of Columbus was inadequate. On 1476, Columbus made his way to Lisbon, near the Portuguese coast, where his younger brother, Bartholomew lived. From there, Columbu ... ouple of years in Genoese and was never a natural citizen of any countries. In 1479, he returned to Lisbon, where he married Dona Filipa Perestrello e Moniz, who was raised from a wealthy family. Arou ...

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What was the historical significance of Voltaire's 'Candide' and it's relevance during the Enlightenment?

orld at times directly contradict Pangloss's optimism. 'He writes about the earthquake that ravaged Lisbon in 1755, killing thousand s of people and destroying much of the Portuguese capital. Many of ...

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Biography of Ferdinand Magellan (including sources).

d a sister named Isabel. When he was twelve, he became a page to King John II and Queen Eleonora in Lisbon. In Lisbon, Magellan continued his education, showing interest in geography and astronomy.Whe ...

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Fiction Vs. Reality: A comparison of themes in "Tartuffe" and "Candide"

2).This ideology is one that can be inherently deceiving. When Candide and his companions arrive in Lisbon, there is a huge earthquake that kills many people and creates a great deal of damage. Candid ... nds up being taken by the inquisition:'For, all this is for the best; for, if there is a volcano at Lisbon, it cannot be anywhere else; for it is impossible that things should not be where they are; f ...

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sh the horrible thing. He shows the narrow-mindedness of the Church when Candide visits the city of Lisbon which is hit by a powerful and devastating earthquake during his stay. A leader in the city, ...

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ut the convoy was attacked by pirates, and his ship was sunk. He paddled ashore and made his way to Lisbon where the art and science of sailing were most fully developed. There he joined his brother B ...

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Economic Report Disneyland Paris

mination of the composition of employment in Europe also indicates that the headline goals fixed in Lisbon and Stockholm (increasing the aggregate employment rate to 70% and the female employment rate ... lified) and older workers. Improvement in the 'employability' of these groups, as planned under the Lisbon process, requires action on such politically sensitive issues as incentives for early retirem ...

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"The Virgin Suicides"

her a wink. The book also described how all the flower arrangements crowded the living room of the Lisbon's house. However in the film, none of this took place. The only thing of the funeral that was ... lm, none of this took place. The only thing of the funeral that was shown in the movie was when Mr. Lisbon asked the gravediggers to move away from blocking the cemetery and then it cut to the next sc ...

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taire using an ironic style in explaining the reason for the auto-da-fé. Following the Lisbon earthquake the authorities decided, on advice from the University of Coimbra, that to prevent ... extent douses the flames of irony, which have continued to burn throughout the events following the Lisbon earthquake leading to the auto-da-fé. The Biscayan and the two Jews come to an u ...

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The arm of the starfish

The setting of this story is in many places in Portugal. Some of the places in Portugal are Lisbon, Madrid, and Gaea. It is set in the present time and during the summer. The protagonis ... Canon Tallis has to leave so he leaves Poly to go to Gaea with Adam. Adam loses Poly. He goes on to Lisbon and meets Kali. Kali brings him to meet her father Typhon Cutter. He has Poly and gives her b ...

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Ideals satirized in Candide

lence. The most blatently satiristic scene of the whole story is the infamous Auto-da-fe' in Lisbon. I think its fitting that Voltaire says they " give the people a fine auto-de-fe' "(345). I w ...

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Candide 3

ury, Voltaire turned against the popular philosophy of "optimism" because of a tragic earthquake in Lisbon, Portugal, which killed 30,000 people and did millions of dollars in damage. He wrote Candide ...

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to reach the coast of Brazil was Pedro Alvares Cabral, on April 22, 1500. He began his journey from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. Cabral?s intended destination was India, but he ?accidentally? came ... o return to Portugal. However, was forced by threatening revolts in Portugal. Before he returned to Lisbon he appointed his son Dom Pedro to the throne. Shortly after receiving the throne to Brazil he ...

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The novel Virgin Suicides written by Jeffrey Eugenides is about

The novel Virgin Suicides written by Jeffrey Eugenides is about the lives of the Lisbon girls."A Rose for Emily" written by William Faulkner is about the life of Miss Emily and her ... hat is happening with the main characters because they are constantly looking out their windows.The Lisbon girls have the neighborhood boys that infatuated with their lives. The neighborhood boys are ... ess when she did it twice". The boys are unable to find a reason why she would do such a thing. The Lisbon's house begins to fall apart they are not keeping up with the yard work and their house begin ...

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A Look of Contrast into the Characters Pangloss an

d in his life, but had accepted this philosophy as a life long doctrine.Voltaire included the great Lisbon earthquake of 1755 in the story by incorporating it into the travels of Pangloss and his fell ... ent to attempt a rescue, but was stopped by Pangloss ?who demonstrated to him that the roadstead of Lisbon had been made on purpose for the anabaptist to be drowned there? (30).This, however, was quit ...

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Book Review on Ferdinand Magellan "Over the edge of the world" by Laurence Bergreen

uese background was a critical factor in the success of his voyage. Born in Portugal, he grew up in Lisbon where he received the most advanced education in sailing and navigation. After his schooling, ...

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A Book Critique of Candide by Voltaire

n of John Byng, an English admiral. Following the devastation caused by the earthquakes in Lima and Lisbon in the mid 1700s, the Europe in turmoil Voltaire viewed everyday, sparked him to write and la ... turn to health, at which point he is employed as the man's bookkeeper. The trio travels together to Lisbon, but before thy arrive their ship is run into a storm and Jacques drowns. Voltaire both "drow ...

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