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Tully stared at the pastel green ceiling of his room. Never before had it seemed so lifeless and dull. Memories of the incident flashed in hi ... dull. Memories of the incident flashed in his mind, as if it had happened just seconds ago. Images of the dare repeatedly replayed itself, reminding him of the guilt he felt. He had gotten himself in ... l his life he had been trying to fit in, and this was his chance, but why were they using this kind of unscrupulous methods? Yet if he do it..."Don't you want to be part of us? Or are you just plain s ...

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Game of thrones

It would be partially inaccurate, and dishonest, to call Game of Thrones a period drama. It doesn't take place in any known period of Earth's history, or on Earth ... its history. The prime influence is the Middle Ages or the Medieval period. We can see this in one of the regions called Westeros, an island modeled on the British Isles. Geographically and culturall ... on the British Isles. Geographically and culturally it is identical to medieval England; just think of it as Britain with different names for locations. Interestingly, the accents in Westeros remain f ...

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Matt Meeks4th Nobility DBQ The nobility of France saw a great change amongst themselves from the late sixteenth century to the late eighteen ... te sixteenth century to the late eighteenth century. The title of nobility became for sale, because of the fiscal needs of the French monarchy. The sword (hereditary) nobles became very upset, because ... as corrupting their ancient lineage. The sword nobles had controversy with the people buying titles of nobility, known as robe nobles. The concept of nobility in France changed due to conflicting opin ...

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