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Deng Xiaoping

e. During his long political career, he served as a Communist politcommissar of the 129th Division (Liu-Deng Army) from 1929 to 1949. As politcommissar, he bravely and successfully fought the National ... egy. Deng Xiaoping was appointed Politcommissar of the 129th Division of the Eighth Route Army (the Liu-Deng Army) from 1938 to 1947. He employed several campaigns against the Nationalists in which he ...

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How does GM beat Ford in China.

nnually through year 2010, from 1995's 380,000 cars, and reach 3 million within a decade, estimates LIU Jinghui, an associate at A.T. Kearney in Beijing. For the same reason, every big automaker in th ...

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rious condition that affects the inner ear, the nerves near the inner ear and sometimes the brain. (Liu, 549) The word cholesteatoma can also be defined as, according to the Dictionary of Medical Synd ...

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Human resource management

Personal Report of HRMXiaofeng Liu (Liaoning Group of June)According to the specific request of the personal report, the five key p ...

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The Ming Dynasty

ely into Northern Defenses instead of "tens of myriads of grain and money" being lost, according to Liu Daxia, vice president of the Ministry of War.Opposition at the court is also regarded as being a ... o the expeditions "and moreover the people who met their deaths may be counted in the myriads" said Liu.Under this philosophy, it was heralded that the stability of the Ming dynasty, which was without ...

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In this essay on the "Han Dynasty" you will find out how it was established and the compariaon to other governments that have came into existence and fallen. Legalism is also discussed.

ure was used in history texts including Sima Guang's Zizhi Tongjian. The dynasty was founded by the Liu family.Intellectual, literary, and artistic activities revived and flourished during the Han Dyn ... nded by a commoner, a fact that would be crucially important in twentieth century Chinese politics. Liu Pang was one of the rebel generals who fought the Ch'in; in the process of his rebellion, he gai ...

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Review of Evidence that the gene encoding ZDHHC8 contributes to the risk of schizophrenia. Mukai, J et al. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA

have been many susceptibility points on this chromosome where mutations could occur such as PRODH (Liu, H. et al. 2002), COMT (Aleman, A. et al. 2003) and ZDHHC8 (Liu, H. et al. 2002). The function o ... The schizophrenia phenotype in 22q11 deletion syndrome. Am. J. Psychiatry 160, 1580-1586 (2003).3. Liu, H. et al. Genetic variation at the 22q11 PRODH2/DGCR6 locus presents an unusual pattern and inc ...

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The Essence of Strategic Technology Change

decentralized culture of the Internet startup helps direct attention to customer satisfaction..." (Liu, 2000) It is essential for organizations to know their own identify before applying any technolo ... requirement; instead, such behavior will lead the organization to fall behind even more.References:Liu, Leslie (2000) "Amazon CEO speaks about founding of his successful startup" ...

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A manager's job

provided efficiently and effectively.2. Important Individuals2.1 Internal individualsSales person--Liu LiLiu Li, the best sales person in this company, is a very active and enthusiastic lady who is i ... l adviser) and external individuals (including supplier and competitor).Internal staffSales person--Liu LiThe MD is not the person who faces customers. Actually he cannot know what the customers' inte ...

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Essay About "The Bonesetter's Daughter' Chapter 1

difficult. She works as a book doctor but people called her a ghostwriter. Her mother named LuLing Liu Young. Her husband named Art. He works as a linguistics consultant.Ruth Young has two daughters ...

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Issues of Expatriate in Multinational Human Resource Management

a global scale becomes a greatest challenge with business has becoming increasingly international (Liu 2006). To be successfully implemented, global business strategic requires international human re ... usiness strategic requires international human resource systems and international competent people (Liu 2006).The purpose of this paper is to identify the differences between international and domesti ...

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ve given the opportunity to observe Winchester public school boys' senior basketball team coach Tom Liu during their basketball season. Coach Liu is knowledgeable about the sport he coaches and about ... . After observing several basketball practices and one basketball game, I've come to conclude coach Liu is a well respected and a good role model for his players. He provides challenging and enjoyable ...

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Ft. Bragg Hacker Espionage Trial

ily also claimed that he only gave out information that was declassified to a Chinese man named Mr. Liu. Mr. Liu had previously left the country and refused to come back and testify on Jenotts behalf. ... ge National Laboratory on a computer database system, and was a close friend of Jenotts. Mr. Liu was in fact in much of trouble of his own. Investigators revealed that Jenott gave Liu password ...

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In The Pond

Bin was excited about whether he would be chosen. Meilan suggested that they try to bribe Secretary Liu and Director Ma in hope that they would give them a home, but Bin was too stubborn and decided n ... ent he passed the railroad crossing near the northern end of the plant, he saw the Party secretary, Liu Shu. Bin caught up with him and got off his bicycle. He asked, "May I have a word with you, Secr ...

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Classic Corruption-Chinese Literature

hardships and pain than we can possibly ever imagine nowadays. This can especially be seen in both Liu's The Travels of Lao Ts'an and Wu's The Sea of Regret. It is true that during the Qing Dynasty, ... government can be directly viewed through the fact that higher positions can easily be obtained. In Liu's The Travels of Lao Ts'an, the reader can experience the corruption through the main characters ...

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Han Dynasty         During the 426-year span of the Han dynasty

others were weak and had failed. As the previous dynasty to the Han, the Qin dynasty began to fall, Liu Pang to head of a small army of soldiers and eventually began to conquer small territories once ... once belonging to the Qin dynasty. His armies began to grow and more victories followed. In 206 BC, Liu named himself the king of Han, one of the states within the Qin Empire. By 202 BC the last ruler ...

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Business Research

in less than 10% of the variation in their stock returns" (Bartov, 2008, para. 2). Bartov also uses Liu and Thomas (2000) to show that they can show up to 30% variations. He then uses Dechow (1994). " ...

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Entrepreneurial characteristics, successful factors, distress they have faced , growth aspirations for small businesses by interviewing a operator of Xinhui ltd

s and boom, and innovative and aggressive spirits. In this case study report, the interview with Mr Liu Zipeng will be sorted out and analyzed from 5 aspects: entrepreneurial characteristics, successf ...

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BAO3403 INVESTMENTS AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENTGroup members:Liu Tianyi ID: 3750862Zhao Xin ID: 3749501Zhao Xin ID: 3750850�SummaryIn this report, three c ...

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about the tourism

Tourism ResearchStudent ID: 30107392Student Name: Chong Liu (Chris)Teacher Name: Michael PEARLMANClass: BUTSM 1501List of Illustrations1.0 Summary---------- ...

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