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Computer Viruses: Infection Vectors, and Feasibility of complete system protection.

turers) are loaded, and used in a previously uninfected system thus allowing the virus to spread.2. Local Area Network: a LAN allows multiple computers to share the same data, and programs. However, t ... . Define problem.II. Discus the ways that a virus can infect a computer.A. Disk exchange and use.B. Local Area Network.C. Telecommunications also known as Wide Area Network.D. Spontaneous Generation.I ...

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Wide Area Networking

Mbps, and 625 Mbps but can be even more than this. A WAN consists, basically, of two or more LANs (Local Area Network), which are connected to each other using WAN technologies under a high-speed com ...

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Networks and Modern Communications

With the emergence of the Ethernet LAN (Local Area Network) introduced in the early 1970's by Xerox, the telecommunications world has welcom ... to support widespread geographical extension of the sophisticated practices being developed at the local level. Replacement of the existing physical infrastructure with one drastically more capable i ... rastically more capable is gradually bringing Wide Area Networks' capabilities to par with those of Local Area Networks (LANs). Related progress with other transmission technologies, such as wireless ...

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Risk Analysis Paper.

consulting firm located in Meridian, Louisiana. JavaCom has just been hired to design and install a local area network (LAN) for the city of Meridian's social welfare agency. "A local area network (LA ... he server has applications and data storage that are shared in common by multiple computer users. A local area network may serve as few as two or three users (for example, in a home network) or as man ...

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What is a network and why do we care?

a network & why do we care? Any time you have two or more computers connected together, you have a local area network (LAN). A network allows the computers to share files, printers, scanners, and eve ... r network that spans a relatively large geographical area. Typically, a WAN consists of two or more local-area networks (LANs). Internet Protocols (TCP, IP, FTP, SMTP): The Internet Protocol (IP) is a ...

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Networks Administration

tworks Administrator? Well, a Networks Administrator is also known as a systems administrator, LAN (Local Area Network) administrator, information systems administrator, network operations analyst, ne ... s an IT professional job. Networks Administrators manages an organization's personal computers, and local area network. This also includes installing new equipment, such as servers, and securing and m ...

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Enduser Support/Nelson Engine System Ltd

m recently. The old IT system used three and six years old stands alone PC's. NESL also installed a Local Area Network (LAN) server system.* The company used another company Global Network to install ... his job are listed below:* First, second and third line support to all members of staff on the LAN (local area network) and WAN (wide area network).* The successful candidate would be responsible for ...

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Office Collaboration

end faxes, and distribute memos. Many of these tasks are done through office automation software, a local area network, and group collaboration. Some of the software we use is electronic mail, electro ... en for better understanding of the meeting. However, not all personnel have access to the company's local area network. This lack of access is because of the network resources required to run the appl ...

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Networking Architecture and Hardware

implified and easily to managed. Ethernet is the most common type of connection computers use in a local area network (LAN), that is a communication standard for transmitting data between computers. ... Web October 13, 2006 from site:, W.(1990).Local Networks (3rd Ed). New York: MacMillan Publishing Company. p. 65.Daniel Rutter (2005 ...

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Internet Security

siness plan.Internet Security RamificationsBefore the Internet, information was distributed between local area network workstations sharing a common communications line. Connected workstations shared ... 005).A technology solution for spam involves the enabling of a filter that can be configured in the local computer's e-mail software. Any spam that is received can be added to a list that then filters ...

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Multimedia-Industry Overview(5 Books)

hich had not originally formed part of ARPANET, also adopted the IP, as did almost every other LAN (Local Area Network) around the globe.The history of multimedia involved another factor important ... have been mostly absent from politics and until recently did not even make political donations for local issues and candidates. Borsook describes techno libertarianism as High-Tech's default politica ...

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Organizational Systems Analysis and Performance Scorecard D

in the marketplace. TNC no longer shares a C: drive with the workforce, but now has incorporated a Local Area Network (LAN) to access information and maintain security measures. TNC created The New H ...

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A Network Topology

en networks, it is the layout of the cable or wires that connect the nodes. Some networks such as a local area network (LAN) can consist of both a physical and logical interconnection between the endp ...

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Network Design

o use any of the systems but they do give a pretty good idea.Cabling SpecificationsEthernet is a Local Area Network (LAN) technology with a transmission rate of 10 Mbps and has a typical star topol ... . In addition, the amount of fiber optic cable is doubled because it has redundant rings.WirelessLocal Area Network (LAN) TopologiesA mesh topology has a point-to-point connection to every other de ...

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Troubleshooting Local Area Networks

ost people have more than one computer connected to the internet through a switch or hub creating a local area network. In organization the internet is provided in same manners but the switches and ro ... a 4 or 8 port hub. This sharing of network introduces element of complexity in network performance. Local area network can be affected by numerous issues starting from the member computer on the netwo ...

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Information Technology – Structure of Data

at wireless communications and devices are convenient, flexible, and easy to use. Users of wireless local area network (WLAN) devices have flexibility to move their laptop computers from one place to ...

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Office Automation and Group Collaboration

ich must be dealt with as they appear. The main item of office automation in the DENTAC is the LAN (local area network) which connects all of the workplace computers to a main server and allows them t ... stem where all the customer data, appointments, and workloads are accessed and modified. The DENTAC local area network is a very useful tool but it has a evident drawback in that if for some reason th ...

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Role Playing Online Marketing Plan for Jester's Playhouse

ke it a profitable line of business.Situation AnalysisCurrently, the Jester's Playhouse has 12 LAN (Local Area Network) PC stations as well as a room with a large projection screen where customers can ... e store. In addition to these strategies, we recommend advertising on our target market's preferred local radio stations and promote becoming a member of an online gaming community. As a good start, a ...

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Network Types and Hardware

of many different networks from the public switched telephone networks to the internet to corporate local area networks linking together the workgroups, departments, and office floors in an organizati ... r your business to use but I will provide you with the recommended networks. The first network is a local area network, LAN for short, which is a network that connects devices over a relatively limite ...

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It Research Paper

e in a blue moon. The only protocol you need for connecting internet is TCP/IP. When you check your local area network options, there is no need to open any other protocols than TCP/IP and QoS. QoS is ...

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