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Explanation of the role of Guiseppe Garibaldi in the Unification of Italy

he Piedmontese ruler Charles Albert. Although unsuccessfully, he waged war against the Austrians in Lombardy and then led his volunteers to Rome in order to support the Roman Republic as established b ...

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ARCHITECT Pier Luigi Nervi the Master Builder

was born in 1891, in the last decade of the nineteenth century in the Italian Alps town of Sondrio, Lombardy. He attended the University of Bologna and joined the army engineering corps following the ...

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Metodi in psicologia

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Il conflitto

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Linguaggio e comunicazione

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King David Statue

(located in Parma, Italy). Little is known about Antelami's life. "He was probably originally from Lombardy, perhaps born in Val d'Intelvi. It is believed that he served as apprentice at the Saint-Tr ...

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chen and began a series of 53 campaigns to expand his empire and spread Christianity. He conquested Lombardy. He had 18 campaigns to conquer the Saxons in the east and converted them to Christianity. ...

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Describe the process of Italian unification in the 19th century

e major obstacles to unity at the time the congress took place, i.e. (a) the Austrian occupation of Lombardy and Venice in the north, (b) the principality under the sovereignty of the pope, i.e. the P ... was proclaimed. King Charles Albert of Sardinia mobilized his army and marched to the assistance of Lombardy and joined in the war to drive the Austrians from Italian soil.While it initially looked as ...

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Dario Fo's Political Theatre

the country , the nation seethed with discontent.Dario Fo was born in 1926 in the Italian state of Lombardy. During the fifties , Fo , along with his wife Franca Rame , had a succesful career as an a ...

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onnet is translated below.In this hard toil I've such a goiter grown, Like cats that water drink in Lombardy, (Or wheresoever else the place may be) That chin and belly meet perforce in one.My beard d ...

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unification of germany

sed down the elected parliaments the French introduced; restored the old state system except for in Lombardy and Venetia which were incorporated into the Austrian empire. Furthermore Austria replaced ... over Italy demanded more government reforms, constitutions and personal freedoms. In Austrian ruled Lombardy and Venetia nationalist demands for independence from Austria grew and the desire for union ...

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European History - Unification of Italy

to make sure no nationalist activities were in process in Austria's territories in Italy (which was Lombardy Venetia). He imposed repressive rule in Lombardy Venetia. German was the official language, ... ted Lombards to serve in Austrian army, obey Austrian rules, and pay high taxes to Austrian empire. Lombardy Venetia's situation was very bad, and nothing seemed able to be done. (ref. H.O. #1 p. 30). ...

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Nationalism DBQ

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