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Towers Of London & Tower Bridge - building history, who built them and when it was built; Prisoners Of The Tower - what kind of people were sent in, & the Yeoman Warders

Tower of London & Tower BridgeThe Tower of London is by far one of the most famous and well-preserved his ... victory William the Conqueror had begun to build a castle on the north bank of the river Thames in London.Beginning life as a simple timber and earth enclosure tucked in the south-east angle formed b ... ss ideally suited for a king or queen and as history has shown, to its regal occupants the Tower of London became the perfect all-purpose complex. Since the first foundations were laid more than 900 y ...

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Shakespeare's "Titus Andronicus." Black comedy for a dark era.

ing.During the Elizabethan age, people were well accustomed to public executions, beheadings at the London tower, and took delight in spectacles such as bear baiting. Living in the time of the plague, ...

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The Tower London

The Tower of London is the oldest and probably the most famous historical building in Europe. The Tower of London ... a church, a great hall, and other buildings.The White Tower was the first building of the Tower of London. It was built as a residential palace and fortress for the king or queen. Although the offici ... . Although the official title of the Tower is 'Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London', there is not actually a Tower of London. Over the years, the Tower of London has become the ...

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to Europe.In my trip to Europe I saw so many thing that I read about in school. When we arrived in London I was so excited and didn't know where to start. I was so frustrated at the painfully slow pr ... hink about what would I do when I finally get out of here. Will I go to Piccadilly's Circus, to The London Tower, the Globe Theater, the witnessing of a guard change, and so on. I was so anxious that ...

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