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Distinguish between the law of diminishing returns and returns to scale.

rprise and labour; that is increase all of the factors of production, which is only possible in the long run. As the firm increases in size, it will achieve increasing returns to scale, or economies o ... , they can do so more easily.All of these increasing returns to scale mean that as a firm grows the long run average cost curve falls, so the firm is becoming more efficient and can produce at a lower ...

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Assignment II Case Study--Perfect Competitive Market Model

le. The point on the marginal revenue curve R1 is above the point C1 on the marginal cost curve; as long as marginal revenue (MR1) is greater than marginal cost (MC1) a firm can gain more profits by i ... this output is: TC=Output x Average Cost=R2e2OQ2, therefore,Profit increases to TR-TC=P2e2R2C22.1.2 Long Run equilibriumIn the long run since typical trucking firms are making economic profits, new fi ...

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Total product, average product and marginal product

uct" and "average product". These three figures are the foundation upon which the analysis of short-run production for a firm is analyzed.Total product is the total quantity of output produced by a fi ... ke labor, while we hold one or more other inputs, like capital, fixed. (Q= output, L=input)In short run the firm may be able to vary the amount of labor, but can not change capital.Marginal product is ...

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Run, Lift and Eat properly for the 5K race

an also be a useful part of a larger training program, building speed for runners who primarily run longer distances. No matter what your ability, a hard 5K tests your capacity to maintain a fast pace ... r that week comfortably, take a few weeks to build gradually to that level, adding one mile to your long run every week. You should be able to run that pre-training schedule comfortably for four to fi ...

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How Firm Behave under Perfect Competition in the Short and Long Run.

ost curve, also known as the shutdown point. In the short run, firms behave differently than in the long-run. It is important to remember that a profit-maximizing firm always produces where marginal c ... ver, a firm is better off shutting down at this point and only incurring its fixed cost (Heath 825).Long-run adjustments to changes in market demand are dependent on the cost characteristics of the in ...

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05).Ques 3In describing the properties of short-run marginal cost, short-run average total cost and long run average total cost of production, it is essential to first identify the fixed and variable ... and variable costs depends on the time horizon in which results in short-run average total cost and long-run average total cost (Gans et al., 2005). To illustrate, take the Nokia factory for example, ...

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alysis for various Products and Situations, Determinants of Demands, Durable and Non-durable goods, Long run and Short run Demand, Derived and Autonomous Demand, Industry and Firm Demand.· ... ndustry and Firm Demand.· Cost and Production Analysis Cost Concepts, Short term and Long term, Cost output Relationship, Cost of Multiple Products, Economies of Scale production Functi ...

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Supply and Demand in Agriculture Sector Case Study of Wheat's Supply and Demand

Demand has high dependency on population and tastes which cause it static in both the short and the long run. On the other hand supply in agriculture sector is very volatile in the short run due to ex ... , floats and other reasons which are not controllable. Supply is a biological process though in the long run due to technological advances it is tend to observe an increasing trend in the productivity ...

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