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Book study of "The Other side of the fence" by Paul Mauchline

metimes it speaks out the main character's thoughts as if it were him narrating it.Passage:"Richard looked up. A boy dressed in baggy jeans and a thick, army-green sweater was pushing his way towards ... eral inches shorter but a good deal stockier. He jerked his head at Bonny.'OK?'Bonny hesitated. She looked back at Richard.'So are you coming or not?''Oh, I suppose... if you really insist --''Suit yo ...

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Drama and how it got started

gles, and the computer generated Special Effects.During the Elizabethan era in England, Shakespeare looked back to the times of ancient Greece to get stories for some of his plays, like Julius Caesar. ...

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Everyone wishes that they had their families in the 1950's, things were simpler the 1950's are like any other decade, with its own problems.

hough, they disagree with each other on the motivation and outcome of that optimism. The 1950's are looked back upon as the "Golden" family years. Everyone wishes that they had their families in the 1 ...

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The Pyramids: Just a Little Sweat and Blood

The Pyramids: Just a Little Sweat and BloodHumans have always looked back in awe at remnants of our history, and wondered at the astounding artefacts our ancestor ...

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Memories of childhood in "Looking For Dad", "My Grandmother" and "The Sick Equation"

ter how small or insignificant these events seemed at the time, they will be treasured for ever and looked back on as some of the best times of your life. The memories are normally reminders of good t ... rmally reminders of good times and the joys of childhood. But for some people, their childhoods are looked back on in sadness and remorse.In the poems "Looking For Dad", "My Grandmother" and "The Sick ...

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The Renaissance and the Elizabethan Age England as an Example of the European Rebirth

enaissance is that it was, above all, a kind of rediscovery. The Europeans of the early Renaissance looked back across time to the examples of Greece and Rome. But they wrote their works in their own ...

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Sequel to The Odyssey

his hair white as a dove who flew high in theskies of Olympus. None would change his mind and as helooked back to take one last look, at his beautiful kingdom,there were two who approached him.Telema ... that I would come back. Yet, again wehave to go through this for it is my destiny..."Then Odysseus, looked into Penelope's eyes onelast time, as though it was two lovers who would neversee each other ...

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A Morning at the Beach.

like an arriving train (too strong a simile) as the crash of the waves thunder through my ears.As I looked back, the footprint I left showed my path. Suddenly, a tide struck the shore, wiping away the ...

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The Necklace (Altered version of Lord of The Rings) Chapter 2

s running he came across Sam he told him to run. Sam ran with him wondering what was wrong then Sam looked back and saw the man on the horse and saw him holding a sword.        Sam wa ...

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Children of an Idle Mind- Part2 (final)

te blur. Dark smoke polluted my fragile lungs, and my coughing grew louder and more persistent as I looked down the empty alleys. I looked back to my apartment, but it was a faraway silhouette against ... my eyes to the sound my mother telling me to wake up since I was just having a bad dream. I looked around; there I was, back in my bedroom. "Wow, what a horrible nightmare"!I slowly walked tow ...

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My Best Friend

Still I pushed on till I saw him. Standing there at the front of the croud was my best friend.I looked at him and he looked back. There was a look in his eyes that had never been there before. It ... a look in his eyes that had never been there before. It was kind but knowledgable. I was sad but he looked almost glad to be standing there getting ready to die.I could do nothing as they mocked h ...

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abundant in the U.S. after it was made illegal and crime only rose. President Herbert Hoover looked back on prohibition and called it an "experiment noble in purpose". Clergy and women of the t ...

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Scarface; The Man and The Legend

ny challenges in life. Some believe because of this when he found his opportunity in crime he never looked back. He could have been great at anything he did, but he chose crime (Bergreen 57). Starting ... 23). Al realized he would not be able to make a decent living with a legitimate job; therefore, he looked to illegal rackets for his career. As a result, his ascent to notoriety began.Al was a natura ...

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Charles Dickens: "Great Expectations".

labour. Most of his time in the factory was spent sticking labels on bottles. Later in his life, he looked back on this time with bitterness and disgust.'Great Expectations' and many of Dickens' other ... rents should treasure watching their children grow up. Some families had a 'wet nurse', a nurse who looked after the newborn babies so the mother didn't have to feed or change them. The lower class ch ...

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"Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka- write a creative alterante ending to the story of Gregor Samsa and write an alaysis relating the entire novel.

a painful struggle, Gregor managed to propel himself forward and get back on his six legs. When he looked back he saw half of his elytron lying broken on the floor. The feeling of being exposed overc ... he midst of all this chaos Grete opened the door and walked in.She ran towards the window ledge and looked down at her brother falling through the night.He felt a gush of cold night air against his na ...

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"One Last Chance" Short story

feet, with trembling fingers brushed the pebbles indented with blood in the scrapes on my knees. I looked back over my shoulder, my eyes darting right to left frantically, terrified. Where was it? My ... I could hear it, louder and louder as it sped full speed towards the little figure running ahead. I looked over my shoulder frantically, despair filling every single step I made. My legs slowed form t ...

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Creative Writing Continuation 'Of Mice And Men' by John Steinbeck

a small wooden shack; the shack appeared newer than the rest of the weather worn buildings, it also looked better cared for than the other buildings. Next to the shack was a small garden and in it wer ... is shoulder, he took a step outside, and he shivered as a gust of chilling wind passed over him. He looked back into the shack, deciding whether to put a coat on. He briskly emerged from the shack onc ...

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Research paper on the wage gap in the United states, and class struggles from the underclass with sources included.

turn of the 19th century, the American industrial revolution took off and we as a nation have never looked back. We had progressed from a labor-intensive nation dominated by the southern planters to t ...

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Running - What it Means to Me

running has helped me pick my head up and keep moving forward. Since I began running, I have never looked back.Running is such a beautiful opportunity to me. I can do it whenever I wish, no matter wh ...

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Economic Thinking

f that was myself I would have been both surprised and relieved to get the wallet back and probably looked back and laughed at the situation. The victim's wife did not act rationally either. She was t ...

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