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"Z for Zachariah" By Robert O' Brien.

every move: "Suppose he was crazy...A murderer? What would I do?" However, In the end Ann befriends Loomis after overcoming her fears.Loomis bathes in a creek unaware that it is contaminated. Then he ... k-up on him. This is when she discovers that he is seriously ill. She dedicates her time to nursing Loomis back from the brink of death: "She tries to bring down his temperature by soaking one of her ...

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Cold Sassy Tree

ay and Will falls between the tracks and is ran over. Queenie is the Tweedy's cook and her husband, Loomis is the one who takes Will home, and saves T.R. on the trestle. Will survives, and while the n ...

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Newspaper Article For Z For Zachariah

he nuclear attack, the entire human population had dropped to 2. The two are Ann Burden and John R. Loomis. Ann survived from the attack because of the natural landscape, which had saved her. Then Mr. ... ion systems are out of order. Nobody knows who dropped the bomb, but the Russians are suspected.Mr. Loomis and two other scientists, Dr. Kylmer and Edward, created the safe suit, which protected the b ...

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Z For Zachariah

sure I was the only person left in the world'". She thought this until a man came to the valley, Mr Loomis. At first she was afraid, but had no choice but to confront him because he was sick. Througho ... nsanely jealous of her.This novel is about survival of the fittest. Ann has survived, and so has Mr Loomis, but they both have different characteristics and ideas. Although Ann has thought about the f ...

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z for zachariah

a post apocalypse novel which focuses on the survival of the main characters Ann Burden and John R. Loomis. It is written in diary form, from Ann's point of view, telling us how Ann fought to survive ... Ann's eyes and see what Ann believes to be right or wrong. She first believes that she has to help Loomis to survive and that she must share everything with him. She does all the chores never asking ...

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