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Rule of Law and what are its benefits and defects.

cessary to limit judges' ultra vires but at same time, judiciary precedents are needed to 'complete loopholes' within these general statutes.As seen throughout the discussion, notwithstanding defects/ ...

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Interrogations, Confession and Admissions in the Criminal Justice System (Interrogation Policies used by Police today)

with the challenges of managing a culturally and spiritually diverse population. With the advent of loopholes and courtroom technicalities, the field officers have to follow the book in every aspect i ...

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Native American Culture, working with Native American alcoholics. This is really typed up notes but in essay form, perfect for a social work major or someone studying this population.

United States government continually made new treaties with the native people, but there were often loopholes and the treaties were broken, taking more land away from the people who first lived on it. ...

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"The law of equity came about to remedy the defects of the common law system." Do you agree with this statement? Elaborate.

inappropriate remedy. The writ system was also slow to respond to new types of action and had many "loopholes". (Keenan, 1993) This weakness in the common law system lead to the development of equity. ... ic rights which could be enforced in the King's Courts. (Abbot, 1993) However, the writ system had "loopholes"; if a suitable writ was not available, the plaintiff will not be able to obtain a remedy ...

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Was America ever really isolationist?

ernationalism and proves that the US took this stance only when it suited their interests to create loopholes for intervention when they deemed it necessary. So whether it was "really" isolationist is ... he roots of America being isolationist were sown even as early as this and we see self interest and loopholes developing.Whilst America pursued political isolation as a policy towards Europe (because ...

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Survival Lottery

ansplant. However, when we examine the scheme a little deeper, we will find out that there are some loopholes from the scheme. These make the theoretically ideal scheme become inapplicable in the real ... r by the viral hepatitis? If both can lead to cancer, should he be rescued by the scheme?8. Medical LoopholesIt is not true that we can have organ transfer only if someone is willing to donate organs. ...

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Bush's Racial Profiling policy has loopholes?

I recently read an editorial on racial profiling titled, "Racial profiling/ Loopholes weaken new policy". The name of the author is unknown but it was published in the Star Tri ...

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Position Paper - Federal Handouts

ons, Exposing Federal Handouts to The Wealthy is one reading that seeks to exploit and expose these loopholes in the federal tax system. At a time when Congress is attempting to slash and eliminate th ... n varieties: discounted user fees for public resources; direct grants; corporate tax reductions and loopholes; giveaways of publicly funded research and development to private profit-making companies; ...

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Campaign Finance Reform- An overview and critique of Campaign Finiance as it stands and suggestions to improve the system.

As it stands, campaign finance is moderately regulated, yet these regulations are rife with loopholes that allow anyone with sufficient know how and resources to unfairly influence an election ...

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Sales Framework for Milford Industries-Capital District Region.

We need to critically evaluate the performance of the individual sales agents so as to identify the loopholes and plug them accordingly. Following are some of the metrics on the basis of which we eval ...

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Hayakawa vs. King - English only movement

asion. By bringing history into his argument, Hayakawa strengthens his position but also opens many loopholes. His statistical evidence is persuasive but a lack of a bibliography or works cited leaves ...

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Emotions in decision-making

re shaped in this company was by greed. They saw where they could make money by taking any possible loopholes in the system. They did not have their own identity they would follow in the steps of thei ...

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My View Of The Death Penalty

ghtly excuseable in the case of self defense. So when that law was made, there was no exceptions or loopholes. The law was NO TAKING THE LIFE OF ANOTHER BEING. So what right does the politicians or th ...

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Arrested Development

that a chain saw fails to warn "Caution: Sharp!" appear all too frequently in courtrooms. There are loopholes in almost every legal defense, and the excuses of why crimes were committed appear to be m ...

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The New Steroid Testing Plan

very strict and efficient when testing for steroids. With this plan no one will be able to find any loopholes around it.b.The new plan will be completely accurate. What I mean by this is that not o ...

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Why pay more for higher education

ries, tries to convince the reader that her stand is right. However, her argument is flawed and the loopholes shall be exposed in the next few paragraphs.The writer starts off by citing a survey condu ...

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How the Patriot Act hurts patriots

nied.Have you taken the time to actually read over the Patriot Act? It is overflowing with numerous loopholes and vague definitions that surreptitiously give the government more power than it already ...

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The Merchant of Venice, Is Shylock evil?

that he doesn’t realise the errors he was making, like not stopping to ensure his bond had no loopholes and was legal, but he was to desperate to see Antonio dead that he did not stop to think o ...

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Disposal Sea Act

mented to set guidelines and regulations regarding disposal of wastes at Sea. But this Act has many loopholes and weaknesses that need to be addressed in order to secure its effectiveness in protectin ...

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An Argument Against Corporate Welfare

t foreign competition, exclusive government contracts, and a mind-boggling maze of special interest loopholes in the tax code. It is hard to conceive our government distributed handouts such as these ...

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