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Sir Francis Bacon

the succession of James I. Bacon and he became solicitor-generalin 1609, attorney-general in 1613, lord keeper of the great seal in 1617, andlord chancellor in 1618; he was also created Baron of Veru ...

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Conscience in "A Man for All Seasons," by Robert Bolt

refuses to accept the King's divorce of Catherine, and marriage to Anne. The King appoints More to Lord Chancellor, hoping to persuade Sir Thomas to accept his marriage. King Henry wants everyone to ... is is the King's 'individual conscience' talking. He fears that without the acceptance from Thomas, Lord Chancellor, that he has made God angry, and he will pay for his unsupported decision.Sir Thomas ...

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Hester Prynn sanction

that lies as an obstacle in front of prosecutors of these corporations is, who do they punish? The Lord Chancellor of England questioned, "Did you ever expect a corporation to have a conscience, when ...

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Thomas More, about what he did in his life and why he was so hard to put down by the Catholic Church and many of his former friends in the English government

esman,humanist, ascetic, advocate for equal rights for women, anenlightened teacher, Henry the 8ths Lord Chancellor, author ofUtopia. Thomas more was born the son of a Judge, and finally (assome see h ... "The Seven Sacriments", and wrote ananswer to Luther's reply under a pseudonym.In 1529 More became Lord Chancellor of England, this was not to last long for the Kings dispute with the Catholic Church ...

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"The Human Rights act for ever changes the nature of British society, marking a major turning point in British Constitutional history." Discuss

an legislate to negate our liberty, then potentially we have no rights at all. Consequently, as the Lord Chancellor declares 'the view that because we have liberty we have no need for… rights m ... damental and appealing that any failure in this respect would surely attract broad-based criticism. Lord Irvine, further assuring their protection in 1998, assured that the Courts would 'look at the p ...

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are some 30,374 lay magistrates in England and Wales, 15,858 men and14,516 women, appointed by the Lord Chancellor or the Chancellor of theDuchy of Lancaster, in the name of the Crown. Magistrates ar ...

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What evidence is there to show women in the legal profession suffer from discrimination?

They have called for either the abolition of QC's or a transfer of the power of patronage from the Lord Chancellor to "an autonomous committee of senior judges and senior users of advocacy services". ... atistics are published in the Annual Report, more career events are held around the country and the Lord Chancellor has introduced a judicial work-shadowing scheme. Figures for 2001 show the proportio ...

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To what extent are judges politically neutral?

might be with a government or a political party.There are concerns that the most senior judge - the lord chancellor - is essentially a party politician and a member of the executive as well as the leg ... arty politician and a member of the executive as well as the legislature (in this case the House of Lords. Inevitably, there is fear that appointments and promotions will advance those who favour the ...

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Explain the term " Constitutional Reform" in the context of the English legal system

of the European convention on human rights into British law, the proposed abolition of the post of Lord Chancellor, and the proposed creation of a supreme court for the UK (Both of which I will discu ... nstitution that in my opinion is inevitable.With regards to the proposed abolition of the office of Lord Chancellor I believe that this would be the most significant constitutional reform since devolu ...

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History of John Locke

turned to Oxford and took up the study of medicine. He became attached, as friend and physician, to Lord Ashley, afterward the first Earl of Shaftesbury; and while this nobleman was Lord Chancellor, L ...

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Letter from King Henry the 8th to Saint Thomas More

Lord Chancellor,It has come to ye that loyalty is hard to find. There is a resistance towards the de ...

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How successful was Henry VIII's Foreign policy under Cardinal Wolsey?

cy under Cardinal Wolsey?Cardinal Wolsey was a trusted servant to King Henry VIII. He was appointed Lord Chancellor on Christmas Eve 1515; this in effect gave him great power over the king's governmen ...

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Lord Brougham

Lord Brougham, a former Lord Chancellor of England is the person that is credited with "inventing" C ... t in house-and-estate building. On the hundreth birthday of Cannes the citizen had made a statue of Lord Brougham and celebrated with a week of festivities. Important members of Queen Victoria's court ...

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A) Explain how lay magistrates and district judges (magistrate's court) are selected and appointed. b) Identify and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the use of lay magistrates.

are selected and appointed.Lay Magistrates can also be referred to as 'justices of the peace'. The Lord Chancellor appoints JP's. This is formally done under a document called 'commission of the peac ... carried out in two ways. Either in respect of counties, where it is under the recommendation of the lord lieutenant of the county and assisted by the advisory committee, or in respect of urban areas. ...

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Critically Assess The Roles Of The Magistrates’ Courts And Lay Justice In The English System Of Justice

The magistrates' courts used to be run by the Home Office but this function was given to the Lord Chancellor's Department in 1992. The organisation of the magistrates' courts was reformed by th ... re often described as the backbone of the English criminal justice system.They are appointed by the Lord Chancellor on the recommendation of local committees consisting largely of existing magistrates ...

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St. Thomas More paper/life. Religion paper.

n for speaking out against King Henry VIII starting with the King asking More, who at that time was Lord Chancellor, to sign a petition requesting the Pope to grant an annulment for Henry's divorce to ...

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Tragic hero sir thomas more

.Sir Thomas More was living the life of his dreams, being a lawyer in the courtroom and being named Lord Chancellor of England by the King who had great trust in him; until one day it all fell down ar ... his Cromwell wishes to charge Sir Thomas with treason. As a result of this Sir Thomas steps down as Lord Chancellor to take the spotlight off him. Cromwell believes that the Kings word is law and wish ...

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Biography of King Henry VIII

terest in politics and Richard Fox managed the foreign affairs (Jokinen). Then Thomas Wolsey became Lord Chancellor in 1515 and took over. Wolsey was also appointed cardinal in 1515 and was able to ru ...

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Thomas More's Utopia

conformists. An English Rennaisance humanist, More held many government offices, including that of Lord Chancellor. These positions are testament to More's very conformist points of view.In 1516, Mor ... of business, forced into poverty. Sir Thomas More, of course, encouraged such land privatization as Lord Chancellor. However, in Utopia, Hythloday very quickly and subtly explains that among Utopians, ...

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Thomas More (1478-1535)

s school. After going to St. Anthony's, he was placed in the household of John Morton. John was the Lord Chancellor to Henry the VIII and the Archbishop of Canterbury. In 1492, Thomas went to Oxford u ... homas More was knighted, and in 1523, he was elected speaker of Parliament. Then in 1529, he became Lord Chancellor of king Henry the VIII. But in 1532, he resigned from Lord Chancellor because he cou ...

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