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The Changing Face of Basketball

rtually unstoppable shot ... the Skyhook. He used the Skyhook to lead the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to three straight NCAA titles and the Los Angeles Lakers to six NBA titles in 20 ...

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called the one-two punch. The one-two punch means that there are two great players on the team. The Los Angeles Lakers always had a guard-center combo. From the West-Chamberlain, the Magic-Kareem, and ... 6.9 assists, and 1.5 offensive rebounds a game. When Kobe drives to the basket the defenders will close in on him to stop him from making a lay-up or a dunk. He will then pass the ball to one of his ...

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The Sports Fan.

that believe that their team will make the playoffs even when their team has won five times and has lost seventy-four times throughout the season. They are loyal to their team and will usually be wear ... d with their team's colors. For example, the crazy sports fan will have a purple and gold face at a Los Angeles Lakers' game. You may also see crazy sports fans with their shirts off in the middle of ...

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Magic "Magic" Johnson Encomium.

me and dedication to. The first round overall pick came (1st player chosen by any NBA Team) and the Los Angeles Lakers snatched Earvin Johnson before they would have to face his mysterious moves on th ... his outside shot, while receiving multiple assist records, which contributed to the success of the Los Angeles Lakers. When Gary Dorrel, a former colleague of Johnson, heard "Magic" was distressed ab ...

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Kobe Bryant: Rise and Fall What Happened?

rofessional teams interested.Kobe got drafted straight into the NBA. At age 18 he's playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. He was everywhere on shoes, billboards, and commercials. He had a shoe deal with ... " With his obsessive, passionate, egotistical personality that was too much for him. That's when he lost control. In my opinion he is guilty. Is this the first time he has done this? At the very least ...

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ATHLETES By Faiz Ghazi I have written this essay around mid January, it was a fun paper to write, we had to do an evaluation of one topic and break it down into three different parts

gets into a lot of trouble, which is why Coach Brown left. Luke Walton, a shooting guard for the LA Lakers, his dad Bill a retired hall of fame Center, for the LA Lakers. Bill Walton is now a LA Laker ... Center, for the LA Lakers. Bill Walton is now a LA Laker analyst and his son was drafted by the LA Lakers, he is their 3rd string bench warmer. Now this guy is for real, Tracy Mcgrady, he gives it mo ...

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Overpaid Athletes

etes and teams equal . This is a very good point, however, Salary caps are important to keep teams close, but that leaves great players making millions while the good players make too little. The owne ... sports and more importantly the fans. High price players effect fans more than you might think. The Los Angeles Lakers offered Shaquille O'Neal $123 million over seven years. That deal will help push ...

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Prisoners of War - Chapter 29

y heroin, why selling drugs...why this?" John motioned around the apartment."I needed the money...I lost my job because of a random drug screening, it was all I could think of doing...then after getti ... He was talking faster then on the phone, and Mark had a hard time hearing it all.He shook his head closing the door behind him and following Anthony upstairs. "Oh do you want a drink or something or s ...

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History of the Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers, professional basketball team, one of five teams in the Pacific Division of the W ... Lakers have won 14 championships since the NBA was founded. The team plays at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Originally based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the franchise takes its name fr ... four championships.sidebarGREAT MOMENTS IN SPORTSKareem Abdul-Jabbar Sets Career Points RecordWhen Los Angeles Laker Kareem Abdul-Jabbar scored a basket with his signature skyhook late in a 1984 game ...

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Shaq and his History

ketball Association (NBA) history. A dominating post player (center), the 7-ft, 1-in O'Neal led the Los Angeles Lakers to three consecutive NBA titles in the late 1990s and early 2000s.Shaq, as he is ... n Toronto, Ontario, Canada.In the 1994-95 season O'Neal led the Magic to the NBA Finals, where they lost to the Houston Rockets. O'Neal's success continued the following year, when he was selected as ...

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Kobe Bryant

hool at the age of 18. The 6-ft 7-in (201-cm) shooting guard soon became a star and helped lead the Los Angeles Lakers to league titles in 2000, 2001, and 2002.Kobe Bryant was born in Philadelphia, Pe ... n pro leagues. During this period the younger Bryant watched videotapes of NBA games, especially of Los Angeles Lakers guard Magic Johnson, his favorite player.The Bryant family moved back to the Unit ...

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Basketball game essay (with active verbs).

The scoreboard shows 95-96; the Cleveland Cavaliers are trailing the Los Angeles Lakers by one point. It is the final game of the NBA season and Lebron James is leading ... inning shot of the game. Panic overcomes the team, the coaches, and the crowd; all hope seems to be lost. Just as the offender fires the ball towards the Cavalier's basket, Lebron James bounds into th ...

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Book report on "Shaq Talks Back"

end of the 1995 season Shaq did not sign another contract with the Magic and instead signs with the Los Angeles Lakers. While playing for the Lakers they make it to the championship and finally in 200 ...

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Asian Influence

century Tibetan Lama, is reincarnated as Steven (About, 2002). Phil Jackson, the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, is another a well known person that practices Zen Buddhism. Phils practice of Bu ... s, a fortune cookie is usually given to the customer. Fortune cookies can be traced back to 1918 in Los Angeles. The founder of Hong Kong Noodle Co. created this world known cookie. The fortunes that ...

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Jeff Diamond

ut making a choice? Any New Yorker who said the words "It's the Yankees versus the Mets ... I can't lose!" during the 2000 World Series deserves to be tortured with a cattle prod.Besides, as we mentio ... ove frivulator (2:33:46 AM): Unfortunately for the Lakers, their fans aren't paying attention that closely because they're busy either trying to get on the Jumbotron, averting their eyes from Dyan Can ...

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Kobe Bryant

Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant has had plenty to smile about. In 1996, he was drafted right out of hi ... d chosen not to testify. The accuser filed a civil lawsuit seeking monetary damages from the Los Angeles Lakers star. A civil lawsuit requires a lower standard of proof, not having to prove tha ... at the time were making an exclusive line of Kobe Bryant signature basketballs that were going for close to two hundred dollars, weren't getting rid of Kobe anytime soon. Kobe is still holding onto hi ...

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Earvin"Magic"Johnson Biography

ning. Later on his life he was drafted to NBA on 1979, with overall pick of 1st. He was selected by Los Angeles Lakers to be a hero for their team. In his first match with Los Angeles Lakers he scored ... pers next day was saying “Magic saved Lakers with his Magic touch!” He was now a hero for Los Angeles Lakers fans. A new legend was born in the ruins of Staples Centre. That season he won th ...

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chael Jordan and Kobe Brayant. Kobe is currently a stunning move of game for his team the Lakers in Los Angeles, California. Michael Jordan in the decades of the 1980s and 1990s was also one of the be ...

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Pau Gasol and Kobe bryant

nce is somewhat bizarre. For example, his hairstyle is tussled and unshaven. For example, Pau Gasol Lakers 2014 Exit Interview and interview on Lopez tonight, when he appeared on ESPN and his intervie ...

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