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Police Misconduct. Is about the debate rather police abuse their power or not.

g helps the crime rate go down, while others strongly disagree. Rodney King exposed how corrupt the Los Angeles Police Department was, while the Rampart case proves that the Department still has made ... es of what they could prove. The results of the riots were 1 billion dollars of property damage, 55 lost lives, 2383 injured citizens, and one bad reputation that have lasted over a decade. Ex Police ...

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Title: "Gorillas in the midst" This essay is about the Rodney King case . In this paper I am defending King and accusing the cops of police brutality

. I don't see why not. He said they had "a good hardball game," he also stated that "we won and you lost" or something to that affect.What about all the officers at the scene? Why did they just stand ...

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THE COMPUTER CRIMINAL - Computer crimes and a brief story of Kevin David Mitnick. Include details of his parole and intermediate punishment sentence. Fully cited. Includes references.

uter program that the state could use to track fellow delinquent youths. Also, Mitnick assisted the Los Angeles Police Department in putting together instructional videotape on computer crimes and com ... o the list of actions that violated his parole, he had also hacked into the computer systems at the Los Angeles Police Department and discovered that there had been issued a warrant for his arrest. Mo ...

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Taxes Project paper

at need it. Many people believe that adding new taxes such as the half-cent sales tax increase that Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca is fighting to get instated is wrong. Well I believe that it is ... I believe that it is the right thing to do for California.Sheriff Lee Baca is hoping to expand the Los Angeles Police Department despite tough economic times. The Police Commission will has already s ...

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Rodney King and the Los Angeles Riots

David LopezMs. LeeU.S History14 May 2004Rodney King and the Los Angeles RiotsThe worst riot in United States History was the Los Angles riot that was sparked by ... white jury. Thousands of people responded to the verdict with many days of rioting in South Central Los Angeles. There was an estimated seven hundred million dollars in damages to the city of Los Ange ... olliday recorded on tape did show officers using excessive force. Holliday gave his tape to KTLA, a Los Angeles TV station, which showed the tape in one of their newscasts. In just a few hours, the ta ...

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This is an "I want to be a police officer when I grow up" type of paper. It was quick and easy. Not one to take too seriously. References Listed.

are hired for larger cities, though, such as Chicago Police Department, New York Police Department, Los Angeles Police Department, and so on. An officer can work wherever there is a town large enough ...

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Poice Brutality

to police: McDuffie refused to stop after running a red light leading police on a high-speed chase, lost control of his bike and crashed, sustaining severe head injuries. He died four days later never ... nager was on his balcony on March 3 1991, trying out his new video camera. In the Street below four Los Angeles Police officers were viciously beating and kicking a black motorist, Rodney C.King, as e ...

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A Time To Remember

ember I remember. It was over ten years ago, Rodney King, a middle age black man, a dope head, from Los Angeles, California was brutally assaulted, if I remember correctly, by the violence behaviors o ... because King did not obey traffic signals and refused to comply with their commands. Surrounded by Los Angeles police officers, King laid on the ground motionlessly, receiving numerous baton blows an ...

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Policing in the Future

distrust and hate of the police. Another area where use of force presents a problem is the monetary loss from lawsuits. Two of the largest riots in Los Angeles can be attributed to police use of force ... ncident is the Rodney King beating. The incident which was recorded by a bystander captured several Los Angeles Police Officers beating a black motorist, King, after a car chase. The incident was afte ...

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JAMIEL'S LAW a Simple Case study

The city of Los Angeles California has had a long history of crime and gang violence, it is no secrete and there ... im, "Where are you from?" When Jamiel failed to answer they then shot him and sped away. He was so close to his home, that his own father was able to run to his son’s side and helplessly watch as ... ng pushed forward by Jamiel’s father and mother. The ordinance will be moved to the March 2009 Los Angeles city ballot. Until then Jamiel’s mother and father will continue holding rally’ ...

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Forms of violence

child may use drugs or alcohol, try to run away, or abuse others. The younger the child is and the closer the Childs relationship to the abuser, the more serious the emotional damage will be. As adult ... ence has become a national problem, requiring a federal response" (Feinstein, 2006). Studies by the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriffs department show that there were "7 ...

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Cultural Leadership within a Global Healthcare System

Groups, and Organizations. The transformational style requires a number of different skills and is closely associated with two other leadership styles: charismatic and visionary leadership. Facilitati ... ome leaders have put the needs of their patients and employees first. For example, the motto of the Los Angeles Police Department, "To Protect and Serve." reflects this philosophy of service. One susp ...

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Violence in Gangs

, the property values of homes have decreased. Gangs also hurt businesses as well. As stated by the Los Angeles Police Department, "gangs create even more damage on a regular basis to local property a ... ally that is not the case. According to the Goldsboro Police Department, "When you join a gang, you lose all personal control and you can't leave when you want" (Gang Information). When children join ...

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Homelessness in Los Angeles

me accustomed to that lifestyle, and suffer from mental health issues. Every night in the county of Los Angeles thousands of people are on the streets. As with many aspect of society there are several ... lems that arise with them. The social problem in this particular news article is that the county of Los Angeles wants to clean the streets known as "Skid Row". People are concerned with what will happ ...

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