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This essay descibes the amazing life of Satchmo, Louis Armstrong, the famous jazz musician. Satchmo, as the king of jazz, profoundly plays a major influence on jazz music.

musician seems to glorify over the others. Not Elvis, John Coltraine, or even Michael Jackson. Yet, Louis Armstrong who blasted the music of swing and jazz into the music world. His charismatic person ... and jazz into the music world. His charismatic personality and natural talents as a musician helped Louis Armstrong become an extraordinary gift to the American culture of the twentieth century. Louis ...

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Duke Ellington

usic around them during the 1920s, which was partly due to the great performers of the time such as Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington. With the electrifying concerts which Ellington put on, he was ab ...

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History of the Blacks Between the 1900-1940.

eball player, Jacky Robinson. He influenced other people to follow the civil rights acts. There was Louis Armstrong, who was a great musician. Benjamin D. Davis was the first black American soldier to ...

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Jazz & Popular Music.

ese changes and specifically look at the evolution of the swing era. 96New Orleans, in the state of Louisiana, has been reknown for its contribution to Jazz. Many great Jazz musicians have been there ... usicians as it was founded as a French Colony in 1718. It became part of America in 1803 during the Louisiana Purchase. In 1810, it was named the fifth largest U.S. city. 1861 marked the end of the Am ...

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The essay "1920's Recreation", is about the main recreations such as jazz, movies, and sports, during the 1920's. It also includes big names such as Babe Ruth, Charlie Chaplin, and Louis Armstrong.

nning of recreation in the twenties. When you have stars like the Big Bambino, Charlie Chaplin, and Louis Armstrong, who wouldn't want to be involved?Sports were one of the major recreational entertai ... ack work songs and deeply emotional, religious songs. One of the most famous trumpeters ever alive, Louis Armstrong, had crossed many boundaries. The Mason-Dixon Line was the well known boundaries he ...

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How the 1920's were a decade of change.

eace a new music came over the public; it was jazz. Jazz was primarily played by black musicians in Louisiana. But, now it is generally known as the ''blues''. Louis Armstrong was one of the most famo ...

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Brief History of Jazz

jazz because during that year King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band (which had among its sidemen cornetist Louis Armstrong and clarinetist Johnny Dodds), blues singer Bessie Smith and pianist-composer Jelly ... s. While King Oliver's band would be considered the definitive ensemble-oriented New Orleans group, Louis Armstrong would soon permanently change jazz.In the early 1920's Chicago was the center of jaz ...

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Ralph Ellison in his essay, "An Extravagance of Laughter"

ears, Ellison fell in love with Africa-American music (Jazz). He played Trumpet and thought himself Louis Armstrong solos.For Ellison and many other blacks in the south, personal choice (privileges) w ...

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Fashion/ Style Changes occurred in the city Flappers

ave birth to it. Thousands of white customers ran to Harlem bistros such as the Cotton Club to hear Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Bessie Smith and other jazz giants. After it's birth in New Orleans ... jazz giants. After it's birth in New Orleans in the early 1900's, artists such as Sidney Bechet and Louis Armstrong traveled to the Chicago and New York areas, where Jazz albums began to be recorded b ...

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Louis Daniel Armstrong

one individual seems to invoke passionate and thoughtful discussions among the historians of music, Louis Daniel Armstrong. Armstrong's charismatic personality and natural talent were the driving forc ... world renowned image that harkens back to the days of big bands, swing music, and the simple life. Louis Armstrong, or Satchmo, as he was affectionately known as, lived an extravagant life in which h ...

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'Something is Wrong With America': Michael Moore's documentary 'Bowling for Columbine' is his view of America. How does he make this documentary interesting?

ies of military, clandestine, and diplomatic actions while playing 'What a Wonderful World' sung by Louis Armstrong in the background. The lyrics of the song are contradicted by the images you are sho ...

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Louis Armstrong Review

GREATEST HITS by Louis Armstrong BMG (rec. 1933-May 1970) Personnel: Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra I choose to re ... with a famous legend of jazz.When I first looked at this c.d. it showed a picture of the great Mr. Louis Armstrong. It shows his great enthusiasm as a player with his instrument in hand. The colorful ... first song sugar I felt that it was a song that did not deserve to give out the first impression of Louis Armstrong. I felt that it was quite dull and even boring at some times. He did have a very lon ...

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Sonny's Blues

he narrator are further emphasized when they converse about jazz musicians. "˜ "You mean- like Louis Armstrong?" His face closed as though I'd struck him. "No. I'm not talking about non of ... m army?" ' It seems like Sonny is personally offended by his brother's ignorance, associating Louis Armstrong with the kind of music that he wants to play. Sonny, unlike his brother, is comforta ...

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History Of The Trumpet

between. Many jazz parts for the trumpet pushed the artist to hit double high C's and beyond. From Louis Armstrong to Miles Davis a succession of trumpeters showed what the instrument could do in tha ...

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Music Of The 1920's

ited as the “home of the jazz”, and names of influential American musicians were known from the Louisiana bayous to the streets of Paris. The unforeseen impact of the Harlem Renaissance inundated ... come such staple commodities in America’s entertainment business. Such guest performances made by Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton brought in people by the masses, of all ages and in all walks ...

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Louis Armstrong: A Look Into His Legacy and Contri

today in America today. But how many of them can be called, "ours", truly American Music? Thanks to Louis Armstrong, Jazz can be called American. Why can it be called "ours"? Well, Jazz originated fro ... one of his main contributions. I will talk more about his contributions later. Now for a look into Louis Armstrong's life, considered the greatest contributor to Jazz.When the name Louis Armstrong is ...

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The History of Jazz

inspired many other bands to make songs with that same type of quality. Then there was a man named Louis Armstrong who was one the first great Jazz soloist. After Storyville closed, Armstrong moved u ... as recorded in 1928. The importance of Jazz and Blues made a significant role for African Americans.Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday brought blues style and blues feeling into popular music. These s ...

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African influence

have been alienated, disenchanted and who are feeling a sense of meaninglessness. Such artist like Louis Armstrong was popular for his uplifting tracks. His debut song “A wonderful world” p ...

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Music: More than a Human Obsession

nvented music? I’d like to shake [sic] his hand.” The lyrics sang so soulfully by the late great Louis Armstrong mimics the heart feelings of societies throughout history. It has long been a point ...

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The life of Louis Armstrong

I don't think anyone can argue that Louis Armstrong is the most legendary jazz musician ever. To even further compliment him, Szwed said ... r today.ChildhoodArmstrong's was born to an out-of-wedlock mother on August 4, 1901 in New Orleans, Louisiana (Wikipedia). Up to the 1980's no one knew the exact date of Armstrong's birth, it was disc ... ime in the century many African-Americans were poor, and the Armstrong's were no exception to that. Louis grew up without much financial and emotional support from his father, Willie Armstrong. Willie ...

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