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"The Odyssey"- Penelope's Reluctance

B.C., portrays Odysseus' homeward voyage as well as Odysseus' return home. In "Reunion", written by Louise Gluck, Gluck like Homer portrays Odysseus' return home after twenty years. "Reunion" works as ... enelope's reunion, both still have their own unique ideas and differences too."Reunion", written by Louise Gluck, is an interpretation of the Odyssey and is very symbolic in its own way. The title, "R ...

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Louise Gluck - Gretel in Darkness

In ?Gretel in Darkness,? Louise Gluck utilizes a first person narration. The poem is composed of dark imagery and uses symbol ...

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Louise Gluck's, "Terminal Resemblance

Literature in SocietySeptember 23, 2008True FeelingsLouise Gluck’s, “Terminal Resemblance” is about the relationship of a father and daug ... ection, they can be brought out by the people and things that mean the most to us.Works CitedGluck, Louise. “Terminal Resemblance.” Making Literature Matter. Scipione. 3rd EditionBoston, MA: ...

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Terminal Resemblance

"Terminal Resemblance: by Louise Gluck"Terminal Resemblance" by Louise Gluck will be about a family who has a terminal illness ... or points out that the daughter has and always will be like her father. (Terminal)Works CitedGluck, Louise. "Terminal Resemblance." Making Literature Matter: An Anthology for Readers and Writers. Ed. ...

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“The Wild Iris is a Poem That is Realistic to All Humans” Discuss

phyCharr, Sherlock, Poetry and the mind: University of Sydney Press, 2004Diehl, Joanne Feit, ed. On Louise Glück: Change What You See. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2005.,Dodd, Elizabe ... ent Understatement of Postconfessional Classicism." In The Veiled Mirror and the Woman Poet: H. D., Louise Bogan, Elizabeth Bishop, and Louise Glück. Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 1992.

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Poetic Silence

re is movement, a sort of anguish enacted not just by expression but by brush stroke and distortion.Louise Glück in her essays points to Oppen's economic utterances, his activation of the white s ... the surface, the roughness of the persona's despair, and the harsh environment of his dreams. What Louise Glück notes on both poets is their handling of the "self". This is where the silences ar ...

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