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What is Love

The word love has been around since the beginning of time and in this day in age it still has the same meanin ... ning as it has always had. However, now days there are more ways in which our culture uses the word love. If one was to say "I love you" or "I love it", is he saying that because he truly means it or ... ruly means it or is he simply saying that because that is what he thinks is the right thing to say? Love is the deepest, most meaningful word one can say about someone or something, however, the way w ...

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Factors influencing attraction and issues that are associated with personal relationships

nt girl he had ever been in relationship with. Before they broke up, he once told me that he was in love with her and I wondered why those kinds of relationships form in the first place if people have ... hat his ex-girlfriend and he were experiencing while being with each other.In Sternberg's theory of love, love has three components that influence its type, its possible endurance and its possible con ...

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Circle Of Friends

fferent types of relationships that occur throughout the movie involving Sternberg's eight types of love. Firstly, Nan and Simon have a relationship that is based on infatuation and physical arousal. ... e should get an abortion in England. Nan also has a relationship in the movie with her parents. The love displayed by Nan's parents is ultimately agape love, but her father, who also gives Nan money f ...

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In the past with my relationships I have been involved in many types of love, I will explain two of them. I have experienced Romantic Love with girls in the past one for ex ... and were going down different paths so therefore this relationship ended after 3 years of romantic love. This relationship created harmony at first because I really thought I loved this person and wa ... person and wanted to be with them forever, but I came to realize maybe it was more of an Infatuated Love since I was so young. I have also experienced Fatuous Love with a close female friend, this rel ...

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Psychological effects of love

LOVE FROM THE PSYCHOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVELove from the psychological perspectiveDominique DeanCaliforn ... ia State University San BernardinoAbstractThis paper explores six published articles that report on love and the psychological effects of it.The articles used in my research are all from the psycholog ... gical effects of it.The articles used in my research are all from the psychological perspectives of love and how it is viewed amongst us as a society.The goal of this paper was to view love from a dif ...

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