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A short review on sonar testing and it's detrimental effects on marine life -- somewhat opinionated.

nar testing has detrimental effects on marine life"Surveillance Towed Array Sensor System (SURTASS) Low Frequency Active (LFA) sonar is the U.S. Navy's newest must-have defense technology." The Navy c ... enerate one of the loudest sounds that human beings can make in the ocean. Worse, because "they are low-frequency in nature, these sounds can travel for hundreds of miles, effectively ensonifying thou ...

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Ultrasound Physical Medical Treatment

uscular injuries, soft tissue damage and ligament and tendon ailments. Therapeutic ultrasounds uses low frequency, long wavelength energy to impact the superficial and the deeper tissues with minimal ...

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Consumer buying behavior

purchasing a product there several processes, which consumers go through. These will be discussed below.1. Problem/Need RecognitionHow do you decide you want to buy a particular product or service? It ... play! So you have a problem or a new need. For high value items like a DVD player or a car or other low frequency purchased products this is the process we would take. However, for impulse low frequen ...

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Strategic Analysis: BH Electronics

merica. The focus for BH is to provide high frequency devices; but also has the capability to build low frequency components for customers who want just one source of magnetic need. BH Electronics is ... oken down barriers to create and build with teamwork. They have also created conditions that have allowed employees a pride in their workmanship. Both organizations have implemented a program for educ ...

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Network and Telecommunications Concepts

or dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF).Macao Communications describes pulse dialing by using the following example,While Dialing a Number, for example, five, the Dial is drawn round in the Clockwise D ... es a pair of tones (hence the name dual tone). Each pairs of tones consists of a high frequency and low frequency tone as illustrated in the chart below.The combination of the tones, along with the ...

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Psychology: Dream

waking( ZenCyn- Cyndi Russell 1996-2008).The unconscious is a force or a knowledge that we do not allow ourselves to see. It is an unrealized part of the mind and it's self-contained and functions ind ... -REM sleep with stages three and four also being referred to as delta sleep, due to the evidence of low frequency brain waves. It is said that non-REM sleep makes up about 80% of sleep and REM sleep m ...

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Hans Eysenck, the Biological Theorist

y of the subjects by monitoring their response to an introduced stimuli. For example: he introduced low frequency tones. The results of the test concluded that the physiological difference of an intro ... ults of the test concluded that the physiological difference of an introvert to an extravert is the lower threshold of stimulation to the central nervous system.According to the Twin Method, a self-as ...

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Is the relationship between drugs and crime a causal one?

with criminality is a very small one. There are three main types of drug user: the recreational or low frequency user (tending to make up approximately 95% of users); frequent criminals who are drug ... cal recreation'. This particular situation tends to occur when drugs are used as a 'celebration' following a successful crime or similar. Bennett, T. et al. (2005) summed this idea up in Understanding ...

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