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CIrculation systems over China

ndian-Pakistan subcontinent, with central pressure below 1,000 hPa. Although it covers an extensive area that the circulation around it affects almost all of the continental Asia, the pressure field s ... s and involves different air masses, producing noticeable effects on the weather and climate of the areas concerned.Chinese meteorologists often define monsoon as an alternation of two kinds of air-fl ...

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Description of weather patterns

streams are bands of very strong winds which occur at limitedaltitudes usually in the 30-40000 feet area. They can be over 150 miles wide and1000 miles long and can travel at over 250 mph. Like most w ... precipitation and storm formation. Depending on atmosphericconditions, air motions in both of these areas tend to enhance upward motion ofair from the ground below. Rising air can lower the air pressu ...

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rnado. He said that changing in wind direction causes tornados and increasing in wind speed, when a low-pressure system meets a high-pressure system. He also told her what a tornado was, he described ...

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An essay on Weather maps

weight of air at sea level is 1013 hPa.If air pressure measures more than 1013 hPa, it isusually an area of sinking air and is generally anarea of high pressure. High pressure systems areoften called ... ut of a high and into a lowpressure system.If air pressure measures below 1013 hPa, it isusually an area of rising air, and is generally anarea of low pressure. Low pressure systems areoften called cy ...

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ntially to the body.There are many applications of cyclone especially in agricultural industry. One area where cyclone separators are widely used is in the removal of dust particles from emissions fro ...

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