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This is a Biography about Jean-Michel Basquiat. it explains his life about how he started his art work.

quiat, along with friend Al Diaz begins spray painting puzzling designs on subway trains and around lower Manhattan and signing them with the name SAMO© (Same Old Shit).Accomplishments: In Decemb ...

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Ellis Island.

s Island was the one and only provider for immigration in the late 1800's. At first, the Battery in lower Manhattan was the immigration station. Eventually, the Battery could not handle the flow of im ...

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Are all cities the same?

hat are of different sizes will be seen as having coarse grain and uneven texture; this is shown in Lower Manhattan.Lower Manhatten's%20Yankee%20Weekend%20-%20 ... tten's%20Yankee%20Weekend%20-%202002-06-01/Fred's%20camera/lower%20manhattan%20map.jpgIf the buildings are the same in size then they will be seen as coarse gr ...

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lowing the September attacks on the United States. Everyday since the September attacks, which left lower Manhattan in rubble, we have been hearing about this deadly terror known as anthrax. But, what ...

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Analysis of Gangs of New York

roney (John C. Reilly).The story opened in 1846 at the Five Points in New York City, known today as Lower Manhattan. Amsterdam's father, Priest Vallon, was the leader of a gang of Irish immigrants cal ... Points, in contrast to the uptown mansions, were very revealing of the different lifestyles between lower and upper class societies.Martin Scorsese filmed Gangs of New York on location in Rome, Italy ...

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Nuclear Weapons Stolen

ere missing a 10-kiloton device.That made the DRAGONFIRE report alarming. So did this: detonated in lower Manhattan, a 10-kiloton bomb would kill some 100,000 civilians and irradiate 700,000 more, fla ...

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Why The Word Trade Centers Fell

e towers. The towers, shortly after the collisions, collapsed and fell 1,353 feet to the streets of Lower Manhattan. Many believe that the impact of the airplanes hindered the fatalities of the towers ...

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