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Lively Uncanny Character You'll love; Somewhere Between Conformity and Feminism A Female Comedian Sets the Stage for the Many, of Both, that Follow

On January 20, 1953, Lucille Ball was on the front page of the newspaper after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. Iro ... of the many examples of the impact one female comedian can have on American culture in the 1950's. Lucille Ball is remembered for her comedy. Not only was that humor a mask for the underlying problem ... ar if it was not conforming? I Love Lucy starred a bi-racial couple with a not-so-normal lifestyle. Lucille Ball "Lucy" was the wife and she was anything but a domesticator and even though Desi Arnaz ...

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Sitcoms and American Role Models

I Love Lucy, premiered October 15, 1951 (Ross). It featured a dull-witted, but beautiful and funny Lucille Ball starring opposite the intelligent and ever charming Desi Arnaz. The show highlights wom ... re is one major difference between these two shows. I Love Lucy was scripted; The Newlyweds is not. Lucille Ball, quite opposite of Lucy Ricardo, was an extremely respected women (Time Inc.), while Je ...

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Lucille Ball: The World's Greatest Actress

Just mention Lucy, and everyone knows who you're talking about. Lucille Ball is without a doubt the world's greatest actress and the most famous redhead. She is rem ... ucy Ricardo, but there was more to her than just the famous character she portrayed on I Love Lucy. Lucille could play all types of roles, including drama, comedy, and musical. There was much more to ... uch more to her than what people thought. Her film career began with bit parts in the early 1930's. Lucille was frequently cast in comedies because she was so good at physical comedy. She would do any ...

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The Impact of Television on the Film Industry

unparalleled in the history of television. The combination of Arnaz?s business skills and his wife Lucille Ball?s comedic talent swept the nation. The cinematic innovations of the I Love Lucy show ma ...

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The Amorphous Nature of Gender Roles, from the Dawn of Man to Cultures of Today: Essentiality, Diversity, and Ingrained Tendency

instead always be there to care for her husband and children. It was treated as purely comedic when Lucille Ball's character "Lucy", in I Love Lucy, attempted to repeatedly escape her fate as the hous ...

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Lucille Ball

nna CarterSmith-ParrisEnglish 1000/84May 4, 2014The "Funny Girl" on Suburban America: The Impact of Lucille BallToday, the coined term "nuclear family", refers to the ideal white husband and wife, alo ... verage woman to break out of her shell and redefine societal norms on what it took to be a "woman". Lucille Ball, known for her main role in the television sitcom I Love Lucy, was the voice of this wo ...

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