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A good story with a setting in the middle ages. Teachers really like things that are written from the middle ages. Very educational and entertaining.

I knew he was too strong for that. If he wanted to do this together, everyone would still be alive.Luckily, that night, I heard him talking to himself.His hair was as black as the night sky. Very lon ... ched her carefully.They (There was a woman and a man) told us to come with them as they walked out. Luckily, they went the opposite way of the front door."NOW!" I yelled as we grabbed the bars and use ...

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Symbolism in "Scarlet Letter" by Hawthorne

t permit this expression, so characters had to seek alternate means in order to relieve themselves. Luckily, at least for the four main characters, Hawthorne provides such a sanctuary in the form of t ...

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"Robinson Crusoe" by Daniel Defoe

ves, his boat is crushed in a huge sea storm. He is then knocked out of the boat and almost drowns. Luckily, he is washed ashore by waves. Robinson Crusoe now has to fend for himself, because he is th ... ves, his boat is crushed in a huge sea storm. He is then knocked out of the boat and almost drowns. Luckily, he is washed ashore by waves. Robinson Crusoe now has to fend for himself, because he is th ...

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Its harder to be overweight. The effects that society has on the obese.

e "country folks" from the small town to which my family moved. Because I was fat I became anorexic.Luckily, I recovered. Today I weigh an extra 40 lbs heavier than when I graduated high school, howev ...

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After the Fall of the Roman Empire

l battle. The German barbarians came and plundered their land and destroyed their magnificent city. Luckily the Roman dream was preserved through many new empires and groups of people. These people in ...

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Elie Wiesel's "Night"

ced to get out and dig grave which would become final resting places for prisoners who were killed. Luckily, Moshe the Beadle was able to escape. He pretended that he was dead in order to escape being ...

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NATO and the Warsaw pact

powers. In World War III it would have been the nations of NATO and the nations of the Warsaw pact. Luckily, the later never developed; there was no World War III. However, this was not due to lack of ...

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The Giver: By Lois Lowry Chapter 24- In my chapter, Jonas comes back to rescue his "perfect Utopian" society from the pain and sorrow the community experiences from the bad memories released.

of "elsewhere." Jonas reached this place of "elsewhere" only one week after leaving his community. Luckily, nothing had happened to Gabriel. But Jonas wasn't as fortunate. His entire right arm had go ... crying. But the most intriguing part of this was that Carl didn't seem to pick up the lost memories.Luckily, Jonas arrived late at night, so no one was outside to see them arriving. Immediately, he we ...

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"The Lost Boy" by Dave Pelzer

t suspense has to what David's mother was going to do to him and how David would survive the abuse. Luckily, at the end of the novel David is saved by a teacher and taken from his abusive household. D ...

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The Holocaust

camps. They all came to North America in search of a better life that is free of anti Semitism, and luckily found that home in Canada.In the early 1930's a man named Adolph Hitler came to power in Ger ...

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An essay on Edward's Syndrome also known as Trisomy 18.

ize not just for the baby, but as well as their parents who treasure and deeply love their infants. Luckily, the incidence of this condition is about 1 per 6000 live births, with a male to female rati ...

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Camille Claudel: a Study of her Life.

understood her personality and her art, and it was obvious that the preferred daughter was Louise. Luckily, they never had the power to smother Camille's talent and ambition.On the other hand, Camill ...

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"Terror Created" an analysis of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado."

the greater the tension. The friendly greeting "my dear Fortuanto" magnifies the irony in "you are luckily met" (1146). We guess that Fortunato is anything other than lucky in meeting Montresor this ...

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This is about Arghitectual Engineering, it goes from ancient times to modern times which includes Frank Lloyd Wright. It has some immense vocabulary words. Check it out

ct ?stepped out? on his own with a new style, and risked being laughed at by his peers and society. Luckily for us, many men took this path, challenging technology and allowing for the diverse styles ...

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Aenid Concept of Heroic Qualities and Destiny

(Overfeild, 139). This action alone shows the reader that Virgil's devotion to duty was tremendous. Luckily, the epic was not burned and readers can now see the virtue of pietas in the warrior-hero Ae ...

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"From Failure to success" Describe a time when you tried to lead and failed. What did you learn from this experience? What would you do differently?

er dared to fail greatly at anything, and as a result, I never achieved greatly at anything either. Luckily, I have learned the importance of attempting something when there's a looming possibility of ...

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My career

CC regulations. This takes a tremendous amount of time per task. There's always something going on. Luckily, we don't do many remotes because that would also be included. Not to mention, these duties ...

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The American Family Defined

r families in our town that I knew. In my neighborhood the biggest issue with families was divorce. Luckily I have never had to experience anything like that yet.My father worked through out my life a ...

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My First Day attend in college

but I could not find a lot to park my car. I was worry because I will have class in five minutes. Luckily, when I drove my car to the parking lot A, I found a parking lot to park my car, and I was v ...

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The Beatles:The Best Band That Ever Lived

maker throughout high school. He was frequently skipping school and had a record of petty stealing. Luckily, John Lennon was a very good artistic drawer. His Aunt Mimi was responsible for persuading t ...

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