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Portuguese exploders (1300-1500)

auml; laatua, sen takana oli pyrkimys avata uusia kauppareittejä, erityisesti kullantuottajien luo. Muita syitä olivat tutkia maurien valta-alueiden laajuus, saattaa pakanoita kristillisen u ... saarella he myös vierailivat arabiaa puhuvien kauppiaiden kaupungissa, josta saivat kaksi arabiluotsia matkalle Intiaan. Tästä lähin da Gamaa kohtasivat vielä monet vihamielis ...

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On Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

to “cleanse” themselves of their bourgeois ways. Two of the main characters in the story, Luo and the narrator (whose name, as translated in English means "Horse Sword Bell") were sent to th ... ng natural fertilizers (i.e. animal dung) on their backs and working in the dangerous copper mines. Luo is a son of a famous dentist, who has been labeled as “an enemy of the state” for once ...

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"Balzac and The Little Chinese Seamstress" by Dai Sijie: In what ways is this novel an argument for the importance of storytelling?

Seamstress, storytelling takes place when life is tough and living is hopeless. Storytelling allows Luo and the narrator to live like people in the stories. Even the tailor is influenced by the storyt ... y which could help gain hope, physically by avoiding hard labor, and discovering the true self.Both Luo and the narrator use storytelling in order to escape from the hard labor of their re-education i ...

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