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TRIBAL BODY TECHNIQUES, In relation to one or two instances of clothing styles or body decoration, show how the choice of certain body techniques and modes of conduct construct specific identities.

us tribes located across Africa celebrate in a very contrary manner. This essay aims to examine the Maasai tribe and it's surrounding neighbour tribes, by looking at their various methods of body deco ... the women are inducted in private.The body techniques and forms of body decoration displayed in the Maasai community are all symbolic in their own ways. The Maasai people are comprised of sixteen sect ...

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The image of the lion in western society: king of the jungle or endangered species?

n self-inflicted harm.This male aggression and display of prowess is found (and still practised) in Maasai culture. As owners of the Maasai National Reserve, the Maasai are allowed to kill lions as pa ... eir initiation ritual into manhood. "In fact, as this profile was being researched a group of young Maasai laid claim to having killed twenty lions in the previous weeks - 'Once you kill a lion, all t ...

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Maasai People

‘Heartbreak on the Serengeti’ by Robert M. Poole is about the Maasai people and their land, which is being taking away can be related to a few theses that we have ... land, which is being taking away can be related to a few theses that we have learned in class. The Maasai people have been kicked off the own land to create park for people to enjoy and not consider ... d control thesis I felt was best suited for this article since it showed many similarities that the Maasai people seem to be dealing with. The fist is the control of resources and landscapes that have ...

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The Impact of Globalization on Culture

s or non-western cultures. Some examples of these are the Iranian cultures, Inuit cultures, and the Maasai cultures. The impact of globalization on these cultures can have benefits or cause harm. It i ... originally started out to be by continuing to follow long time cultural traditions and values. The Maasai are another culture subject to the effects of globalization. They are faced with extinction d ...

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