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Arguments for and against an australian bill of rights

state what rights the law is willing to bestow upon Australians.Kirby argues that the Dietrich v R, Mabo (No 2) and ACT v Cth all show an intention of the high court to create a judicial bill of right ...

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Power play

erm 'powerplay' refers to the manipulation of power between people and can be seen in the doc After Mabo and Cop it Sweet, both text explore race relationships and the power discrepancy between white ... Although in the form of a doc to add credibility, both texts are in fact biased.John Hugh's 'After Mabo' focuses on the manipulation of power in politics emphasising the greed and fickleness of the p ...

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Aboriginal history - on Keith Windschuttle's black and white fallacy

settlement' with that of 'invasion', and has had political implications in the decisions of Wik and Mabo.The other side of this debate, typical of the right of Australian politics, denies the invasion ...

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s that are considered inappropriate.The development of the common and statutory law of Native Title:Mabo decision in 1992 created common law of native title land ownership of indigenous Australians.Di ... nd ownership of indigenous Australians.Didn't involve any direct interpretation of the Constitution.Mabo case decided that terra nullius ("land not yet occupied") should not continue to apply in Austr ...

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