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Lean Thinking - origin and concept

. Womack, et al (1990) were probably the first to use this term in their seminal piece of work "The machine that changed the world". Lean Thinking is a set of principles that redefines the way the org ... Lean/review [Accessed on 26 March 2007]WOMACK, James P, JONES, Daniel T and ROSS, Daniel (1990) The Machine that changed the world NY: Simon & SchusterWOMACK, James P and JONES, Daniel T (1996) Be ...

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Lean manufacturing

his book that company has to determinate process and layout. It will help to identify what kind of machines the organisation will need. Layout means how the recourses will be transforming. It is impo ... lementing lean manufacturing processes.Reference:Womack, J.P., Jones, D.T. and Roos, D. (1990), The Machine that Changed the World, Rawson Associates, New York, NY.Slack N., Brandon-Jones A., Johnson, ...

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