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Benjamin Franklin, and the Constitutional Convention.

queried, "What kind of government have you given us, Dr. Franklin?" Franklin answered, "A Republic, Madam, if you can keep it."1 Remarkably, over 200 years later, the United States has kept its consti ...

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Discuss the sexual hipocrasy that runs rampant through the novel "Joseph Andrews" using the character of Mrs. Slipslop as the primary basis for your argument.

p, and at times the characters within the novel have commented on her misuse of language as well " 'Madam,' answered Joseph, ' I don't understand your hard words:"(JA.52)Fielding uses the character if ...

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Se Dagens Lys - Svend Åge Madesen

ever i en ubestemt fremtid i et samfundet kaldet udskiftningssamfundet, som er styret af computeren Madam Datam. Hver dag vågner han op ved siden af en ny kone, har et nyt job, nyt hus og nye b& ... rænset. De har ingen indflydelse på deres egetliv, men bliver bare hevet igennem det af Madam Datam. De kan dog selv ønske hvad de har lyst tilnæste dag, men næsten inge ...

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Pirandello: Six Characters in Search of an Author -- analysis, dramatic elements, dramatis personae, themes (with textual reference), genre, synopsis, setting

anStepdaughterLeading LadySonSecond Female LeadBoy (mute role)IngenueLittle Girl (mute role)JuvenileMadam PaceOld Character LadyOther Actors and ActressesStage Door ManFirst Stage ManagerSecond Stage ...

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Essay comparing two poems, "Holy Willie's Prayer" and "The Holy Fair," by Robert Burns.

legend, wrote poems that would draw the minds of great men and steal attention from even the finest madam. The poet who revived Scotland wrote more than a hundred poems. Two of his best pieces include ...

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Applying for a job: Cover letter

er and dedicated.If you do not know the name of the person you are writing to, begin with "Dear Sir/Madam". When you begin your letter you should state your name and any work you are currently in, or ... elf in the best light that you can.Unit 10123 ABC StHappy Town 49388Friday, 20 August 2008Dear Sir/ Madam,APPLICATION FOR POSITION OF CUSTOMER SERVICE ASSISTANTMy name is John Dakary and I am a second ...

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Hamlet and Ophelia Comparison

ully into thedepths of illness.One of Hamlet's most famous lines is when he tells the Queen: "Seems,madam? Nay, it is. I know not 'seems.'" Hamlet is saying that he doesnot know what it is to pretend, ...

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Review of the production Blithe Spirit the relationships depicted in the production and the various thearical tools of production involved

nd to his utter astonishment, his skepticism is blown out of the water when the ostentatious medium Madam Alkady actually manages to not only contact his deceased wife on the other side but also draws ... starched blouse and long straight skirt, to Elvira in her sparkling, seductive, voluptuous gown to Madame Alkady in her zany eccentric rich purple and gold creations. The seasoned acting was skillful ...

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Letter to the editor(against)

EditorThe AustralianDear Sir / MadamI have read an editorial just today entitled "Dignity of life debased by euthanasia". It was ab ...

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Letter Supporting Privatization Of Postal System (Pros and Cons of Privatization)

ford StreetLondonPrivatization Minister10 Downing StreetWestminsterLondonOctober 8, 2001Dear Sir or Madam:Subject: Privatization of Postal SystemI would like to pen down my views about the privatizati ...

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A Comparitave Report on Christianity and Judaism in relation to Abortion and Aboriginal Rights in Australia.

tern Australia said, on March 17, 1998. "No gynaecologist anywhere in this world will tell a woman "Madam, for the first few months of your pregnancy you are having a fish". Naturally, it is always a ...

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Juliet Undergoes a Change

the outside world. She depends on her parents for guidance and support and does what she is told. "Madam, I'm here. What is your will?"(1,3,7). When Juliet speaks these words she expresses that she i ...

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Letter to Editor(for euthanasia)

27, May 2002EditorThe AustralianDear Sir / MadamI have read an editorial just today entitled "Dignity of life debased by euthanasia". It was ab ...

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A Subversion of the Gothic Classic "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe

ently, I continued to tap harder, unwilling to lingerFrom within once more, the words came "Sir, or Madam, truly yours forgiveness I implore"The man claimed to be napping, before I began rappingAppare ...

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Letter Regarding Curfue

48 Cemetery RoadRoytonOldhamOL2 5SWChronicle OfficeWaterberry LaneOldhamOL2 5YNDear Sir/Madam,I am an adult in my 50's and have lived in Oldham since 1972. I am writing to say how much I a ...

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Business Letter

Sierra Studios 3060 139th Avenue S.E., Suite 500, Bellevue, WA 98005 Dear Sir or Madam: I would just like you to know that recently I have purchased the Sierra Studio game Half-Life ...

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Complimentary Letters

92346 10/24/01 Disneyland Attention: Customer Services 007 Walt Lane Disney City, CA 02003 Dear Sir/Madam: I would like to commend you on all of the attractions and rides for my kids. Thank you for le ...

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Theme and tone in 'Telephone Conversation' by Wole Soyinka

with his skin color. Instead, they should know each other through direct contact and interaction, 'madam, you should see the rest of me. Palm of my hand, soles of my feet are a peroxide blond.'To con ...

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Character Analysis of Elphaba from "Wicked" by Gregory Maguire

that of a witch with potential to develop amazing powers. She was then lead on by the head mistress madam Morrible to pursue her powers and then later to engage in a meeting with the wizard of Oz.Now, ... he world. To her surprise, it was revealed that the wizard had no power at all and with the help of madam Morrible planned to use Elphaba as the power in order to fuel his own dictatorship. Elphaba qu ...

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The Boarding House by James Joyce, Human Nature, Traditional Myth, Beliefs.

eptable actions to be ones that are ethical to all people in society.Mrs. Mooney, described as "the madam" by her tenants, becomes motivated to ensure the marriage between her daughter and Mr. Doran; ...

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