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Kabuki, the Japanese Art vs. Puccini´s Madame Butterfly.

the most beloved operas ever known, using a combination of music from both east and west. Puccini's Madama Butterfly has captivated opera lovers through its exotic sounding music. Said music, is actua ... n and Eastern Music can sound totally different from each other, yet when listening to the music of Madama Butterfly one can find a common ground between the two cultures.Before discussing the opera i ...

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Madama Butterfly

Madama Butterfly When asked to go view a live performance there were no doubts in my mind th ... to go view a live performance there were no doubts in my mind that I would go see Giacomo Puccini's Madama Butterfly. The story of Cio-cio-san, the eternally faithful heroine, is one of the most wrenc ... married American servicemen and immigrated to America. Countless others suffered the cruel fate of Madama Butterfly.Act one takes place in Japan in the early twentieth century. On a flowering terrace ...

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Madame Butterfly Review Questions

HUM 1133 Introduction to Fine ArtsMadame Butterfly viewing questions1. Why was Pinkerton in Japan?He was a tourist.He was an American Consul. ... duty.He wanted to visit his sister, Cio-Cio San.2. What famous composer wrote the music in "Madame Butterfly?"MozartPucciniTchaikovskyAaron Copland3. What famous film maker adapted the version for th ... sified as:a. Soprano and alto b. alto and tenor c. soprano and bass d. soprano and tenor8. What did Butterfly's son fear would happen if she continued to decorate in preparation for Pinkerton's return ...

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