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Western india

nd of the grandeur and architectural excellence which this place had attained. Khajuraho temples in Madhya Pradesh have completed 1000 years. The tourism department is celebrating this occassion by or ...

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Wipro InfoTech India and how it became one of the biggest Entrepreneurship success stories.

he company was then called Western India Products Limited with a modest presence in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh ( In the early 80's Wipro made its first foray into the infor ...

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This is description of my visit to the Narmada Valley in India, it discusses the implications of sustainable development, appropriate technologu and small dams in this specific context.

I went to the people. I have always found myself getting lost in labyrinths of thought. My visit to Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat didn't quite give me enough time to start walking down unexp ...

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Scope and Ambit of Section 113 B of Indian Evidence Act.

h the deceased was subjected to cruelty in connection with demand for dowry.In Dhobilal v. State of Madhya Pradesh4 the High Court said that presumption cannot be raised against the husband in a case ... oved beyond doubt. Therefore the presumption cannot be raised.In another case Mangalram v. State of Madhya Pradesh5 deceased died of burn injuries within seven years of her marriage. Evidence showed t ...

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Bhopal Gas Tragedy

consulting firm Arthur D. Little, and Indian Government led by late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Madhya Pradesh state Government. Almost every investigation reached the same conclusion that the gas ... e people of Bhopal and the rest sits in a bank account in Delhi, India. In 1991 state government of Madhya Pradesh charged culpable homicide on Chairmen of Union Carbide Warren M. Anderson, but he wen ...

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people. THE BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY:DATE:Night of 2-3rd December, 1984.PLACE:Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.INCIDENT:The tragedy took place due to the uncontrolled leakage of a ...

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