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Review Of Xxx

Jarrod Hayes' Queer Nations: Marginal Sexualities in the Maghreb is one book which might help us to understand these events because it usefully situates the ... tuates the entanglement of queer sexuality and nationhood in a closely related culture, that of the Maghreb or North Africa. Arguing that sexuality acts as a pole of national self-construction for the ... elop a set of terms for understanding and analyzing the political valence of queer sexuality in the Maghrebin context as evident in the Francophone literary production of the postindependence period. ...

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Solar Energy in North African Region

e and without polluting and toxic side effects that makes solar energy an attractive option for the Maghreb to develop a pillar in its resource exploitation and processing industry. It can furthermore ... lar in its resource exploitation and processing industry. It can furthermore increase the wealth of Maghreb and contribute to a decarbonized electricity supply if it were to be utilized as a resource ...

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Fanon "Decolonizzare la follia"

fica del razzismo. Così facendo egli pone in rilievo i limiti della psichiatria del tempo in Maghreb.La vecchia etnopsichiatria pretendeva di fondare una scienza psichiatrica dell'Africano sull ... l'immaginazioneIn questo saggio Fanon descrive l'esperienza del TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) in Maghreb ed i limiti riscontrati.Il TAT è un test proiettivo, creato nel 1939 dallo psicologo ...

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