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Telephone, the most use oiece of electronic apparatus in the world

e, and then select a number using either tone or pulsing dial.A telephone can be separated into two main categories: there is the tone (touch tone) or the older rotary dial (pulse) telephones. Then yo ... This device is called the handset. The handset is usually made out of plastic and inside it are two main components: the transmitter and the receiver.THE TRANSMITTERIt is the job of the transmitter to ...

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Discuss the Marketing Environment

tment of an organization. The Marketing Environment affects the organization's ability to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with its target customers. Through continuous monitoring ... esearch when monitoring the Marketing Environment.The Marketing Environment can be divided into two main categories; the Micro and the Macro Environment.The Micro EnvironmentThis can also be divided. ...

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This is a classification essay about the different types of love: parental, friendship, and "chemical love."

, beginning new relationships, and strengthening old ones. Love is all around us, embodied in three main categories: parental or family love, love between friends, and "chemical love," between a male ...

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Comparing ancient Sumer and Egypt

close in the whole scheme of things, both cultures evolved utterly different. They differed in four main categories: geography, how they interacted with others, religion, and government.Ancient Egypt ...

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"Tabloid Television: The Enemy"

ondensed form, usually with sensational material. This type of television can be divided into three main categories. The first is the "reality-TV," which uses examples of car accidents and rescues by ... nly one season left of this controversial show. Sharon Osbourne, wife of Ozzy, says that one of the main reasons they are not going to participate in another season is because her husband is unable to ...

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"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" as a Hero's Quest

nderstands, have sympathy and empathy toward his fellow man. The mythic quest is divided into three main categories, the departure, initiation and the return of the hero. Within each of these stages, ...

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Article review from Scientific American. Author discusses genetic crop modification and addressses long term impact on the environment

ts that these plants may have in the future.Presently most genetically modified crops fall into two main categories; those which areresistant to insect pests because they produce their own toxins, and ... nsects. The author stresses that both the risks and benefits of geneticengineering in agriculture remain vague due to lack of long-term data on GM plants and theireffects on insect-populations, weeds, ...

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Assess Darius 1 as a Persian King

When assessing Darius as a Persian King there are four main categories that we can assess him in:AdministrationConstructionMilitaryImageAdministrationDariu ... empire, giving them everything they had before. This included the people's religious policies. The main difference was that a satrap replaced the highest level of government. This allowed for an extr ... rom the past we need to put into retrospect what perspective they were writing from. Herodotus, our main Ancient source for Darius would have been writing from a male, wealthy, pro-Athens perspective. ...

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Ansoff matrix

tives for growth.Ansoff's matrix offers strategic choices to achieve the objectives. There are four main categories for selection.Ansoff's Product/Market MatrixMarket PenetrationHere we market our exi ... DevelopmentHere we market our existing product range in a new market. This means that the product remains the same, but it is marketed to a new audience. Exporting the product, or marketing it in a ne ...

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Speech on thinking about business

rld, for a single seemingly small mistake can cause a loss of thousands of dollars. There are three main categories where this saying applies, the start up, the maintenance and the termination.When es ... uch and how risky it will be.Once you have settled your business, you must make decisions about the maintenance of your company. Are your employees working above or meeting your satisfaction? If not, ...

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Requirements for the appraisal interview in the form of the report (communication skills).

ion about appraisal interview techniques and their general effects on an organisation. However, the main body of my work will consist of analysis of problems associated with poor interview technique, ... isal interviews and the purpose for which they are conducted.Appraisal of an employee is one of the main tasks facing the manager of an organisation. Depending on its specific purpose it can fall in t ...

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Tzora active

tive Systems Ltd.develops, manufactures and markets advanced medical rehabilitation products in two main categories:Mobility Aids and Physical Rehabilitation for the elderly and physically handicapped ... ility range and capability to elderly and disabled people, thus improving their quality of life.Our main lines of products are:EasyTravel , the world's only portable scooter. You can go places you've ...

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Violence in Film

wn eyes. It is quite often that extreme measures are taken to achieve this; violence in film. Three main categories of violent-oriented films that this paper will discuss are westerns, war movies, and ... out of retirement for one last job. Odd as it may seem, the viewer sympathizes immediately with the main character. Will himself is a lone "peacemaker" who wants the justice to have its way. It is ext ...

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Nature of Logic and Perception

umptions. Most people use logic to assist them in making decisions on a daily basis. There are two main categories of logic; induction and deduction. Inductive reasoning is usually used when a perso ... es prove with absolute certainty that the conclusion is true. (University of Phoenix Material, "Two Main Categories of Logic")People, including myself, often rely on inductive and deductive reasoni ...

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Software and Operating Systems Basic Information

e is the general name given to all the programs that can be run on computer hardware. There are two main categories of software: operating systems (systems software) and applications software.Operatin ... rent software packages are rarely the same, so people often get the commands mixed up. Some people, mainly those who are used to using them, prefer command-driven menus because they can be faster to u ...

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Introduce the discipline of robotics. Divide the broad field of robotics into several subdomains and briefly explain and comment about each of them.

ements in technologies such as electronics and software led to the vast expansion of the robotics domain. Nowadays applied robotics is divided into three main categories. The most common robots are in ... exploration robotics was able to take the "human digital eye" where no man has gone before. This domain focuses primarily on developing highly mobile and agile aquatic, spatial, and ground probes to ...

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Economic Analysis of the Home Building Industry

rised of companies that provide new residential homes. The homes they build can be divided into two main categories: conventional site-built homes and manufactured homes. Site homes are built on a pie ... hases more attractive to prospective buyers. Once interest rates begin to move upward, demand may remain the same or it may increase initially as buyers who previously were undecided, rush to make a p ...

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Stereotypical Stereotype

or example, Glamour, Health, and Martha Stewart Living are women consumer magazines and their three main categories are sex, exercise, and foods.The producers of these magazines make them off of what ...

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erest, or to see if a friendship may evolve into something more. So to break dating down into three main categories there is the "getting to know" category, the "romantic" category, and th ... be in the "getting to know" category. But I don't want to hurt either one so I am trying to remain in a non-dating relationship with both, but I don't know how well that will work.In conclusion, ...

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bove describes how someone with a phobia feels. There are thousands of phobias, but there are three main categories. The first is Agoraphobia or the fear of being alone in any place where escape would ...

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