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The Canadian Justice System vs. Aboriginal People

these was the November 1987 trial of two men for the 1971 murder of Helen Betty Osborne in The Pas Manitoba. While the trial established that four men were present when the young aboriginal woman was ... n justice system is failing aboriginal people. While the aboriginal people comprise 11.8 percent of Manitoba's population, they represent 50 percent of the province's prison population.Canada's treatm ...

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The Rise and Fall of Prohibition in Canada

of Prohibition of Alcohol in Canada.Particular emphasis is placed upon Nova Scotia that, along withManitoba, scored a large majority in favour of prohibitionduring the national plebiscite on the matt ... its local division in Yarmouth in1847. It was not until 1858 that this society opened a divisionin Manitoba.12 Both of these chapters resulted in a closeconnection with temperance workers between Can ...

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James Stanghetta Loius Riel and the Metis Struggle

eant the extermination of a way of life and culture, in the name of Canada. For the metis people of Manitoba this expansion had many implications. Not only was the metis land threatened but also their ... John Bruce as the president and Louis Riel as secretary. McDougall tried to cross into present day Manitoba but was stopped by a group of metis sent by Riel. Then in a bold move on "December first Mc ...

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a fictional story

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Falling Victim to the Past - A persuassive essay based on Martha Ostenso's "Wild Geese".

f children's rights is further compounded by the isolation of the Gare's farming community in rural Manitoba. Policing would not have been prevalent in the immediate area, especially when it came to h ... her relationships with the Gare's and Mark Jordan. Lind is a school teacher sent to teach in rural Manitoba. The Gare family, with whom Lind boards, is ruled and manipulated by the cruel Caleb and Am ...

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How Canadians Lived Through The Depression Years (dirty thirties).

basic necessities of life such as food or rent. In spite of this, the relief was not adequate. One Manitoba judge described the relief as "it's not quite enough to live on, and a little too much to d ...

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Wapusk National Park.

usk). Wapusk National Park protects 11,475 km2 of land. It is located at the northern edge of where Manitoba meets Hudson Bay. The aboriginal inhabitants of the region today are Inuit, Dene and Cree, ...

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Native Incarceration in Canada.

vince has its own rate of incarceration, but the Prairie provinces all have the highest numbers. In Manitoba the total number of inmates is 1,393. The number of Native inmates is 822. This becomes a 5 ... to the number of Native men in incarceration. In two of the Prairie provinces- British Columbia and Manitoba, female rates are relatively low with a total of 297 inmates. A whopping half, or 136 of th ...

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The Blackfeet- Tell me about the food, clothing, religion, recreation, shelter, transportation, and the location about the blackfeet.

clothing source. Their wandering took them as far west as the Rookie Mountains, and as far east as Manitoba. They also ventured far north as the Northwest Territories. They also controlled many land, ... rolled the vast region stretching from North Saskatchewan River in Alberta, to Yellowstone river of Manitoba. Also controlled land from Rookie Mountains to the Alberta Saskatchewan borders. Small, lit ...

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Margaret Laurence

cted many young readers in this modern society. Also, by her writing, Laurence has turned a town in Manitoba into a new human experience. She has even helped us to learn about the life she has lived b ... 1947), returned veteran and civil engineering student. Later Jack graduated from the University of Manitoba, 1949, and the Laurence's went to England.The work of Jack Laurence took the couple to the ...

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Oil prices nad where found in Canada

nly found in Alberta and Newfoundland and Labrador. The least oil in Canada is found in Ontario and Manitoba. The most to least pumped oil is: (#8's produce no oil)1. Alberta ... British Columbia 6%5. Northwest Territories 3%6. Manitoba 1.4%7. Ontario 0.5%8. Q ...

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Louis Riel Should not have been Hung: Agree or Disagree?

and most of all, a martyr for his people. Throughout his 41 year life, from 1844 - 1885, he brought Manitoba into Confederation with Canada. During these times, there were many conflicts with the gove ... on, which lead to his death by the gallows. For these reasons, Louis Riel should not have been hung.Manitoba is part of Canada today because of one man's efforts ... and for that reason, Riel should n ...

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The Effects of French-English Relations on Canadian Politics

e events in Canadian history: conscription in World War One, the Parti Québécois, the Manitoba School Question, and the language law that made it compulsory for all English schools to te ... ute;bécois, Quebec's political views were altered, and nationalistic feelings heightened.The Manitoba School Question took place in 1890, when Thomas Greenway passed a regulation that eliminate ...

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About the Throne Speech in Canada (Govt.)

aper outlines and compares the Speech(es) from the Throne for the provinces of Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba for the parliamentary year of 2006. All three provinces, chosen for the purpose of this pap ... ave different governing parties; Alberta: the Progressive Conservatives, Ontario: the Liberals, and Manitoba: the New Democratic Party.All three speeches start with an introduction; Ontarian and Manit ...

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Louis Riel: The Rebel Or The Hero?

Louis Riel, who lived from 1844 to 1885, was a Canadien Metis born in Manitoba. The Metis were people of mixed French and Indian ancestry. Riel is known for being the dri ... ing to populate the Metis' land in the Saskatchewan River Valley with English settlers. Earlier, in Manitoba, the Red River Rebellion had been caused by similar actions by the government. Now, in 1872 ... h about fifty Metis in Confederation Park in Ontario to mark Louis Riel Day. "Riel was a founder of Manitoba, and played a key, vital role in opening up Canada's West," said Clarkson. This was a signi ...

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A Critique On Paul Yuzyk

Paul Yuzyk's " The Ukrainians in Manitoba" is a social history describing the rise of one of Canada's most colorful peoples. Th ...

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Mennonite Overcoming

s the German Mennonites (called the Kleine Gemeinde) from their villages Russia as they emigrate to Manitoba, Canada and Nebraska, USA. He traces back from the 1870's to about the 1930's highlighting ...

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ypothermia in their homes do to the non-efficient heating system. Over 50% of hypothermia deaths in Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia are related to alcohol and drug intoxication.(Seluge,1) Hypo ...

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Report On The Stone Angel

er story, Hagar also looks back to Manawaka (a fictionalized small town that Laurence has placed in Manitoba), recalling and recreating the effects of the town's constricting society and her own famil ...

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