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e play Julius Caesar, there are two major speeches that occur. These speeches determine the fate of Marcus Brutus and Marcus Antony throughout the remainder of the play. These two speeches are made af ... wo speeches are made after the murder of Julius Caesar. The first to speak to the people of Rome is Marcus Brutus.Brutus starts his speech by saying, " Be patient till the last. Romans, countrymen, an ...

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Was Marcus Brutus a Successful Leader or Was He too Effected by his Personal Life

those around us but be a kind and beneficial to those they rule over. One such instance was that of Marcus Brutus. Brutus's accomplishments were well known, famous, and all done with the intent of hel ... g others, however because of his attitude and poor choices they harmed all those he strived to save.Marcus Brutus is most known for the assassination of Julius Caesar. In 44 B.C. Brutus and Cassius, a ...

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Islam changes West Africa

d the spark of karma within the play. For instance, the main karmatic scene that stood out was when Brutus and his colleagues conspired against Caesar for royalty and riches and murdered him, then as ... ious to the idea that his own friend would kill him for royalty. Also when Cassius technically used Brutus for the conspiracy against Caesar and for him to be on their side.In addition to, I loved the ...

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Julius Caesar's Ghost

aesar. Caesar's ghost is very important to this literary work because not only does the ghost visit Brutus and convince him to travel to Philippi, but it also "controls" the rest of the play, and he r ... looks into his so called "best friends" eyes and says, "Et tu, Brute?" [III.i.77] Caesar was asking Brutus if he felt the same way. Thus, Caesar dies after he made his short yet very memorable remark. ...

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