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Women's wisdom in Tartuff. Essay looks at the wits of each character and how they used their wisdom within the pay

d Elmire displayed well-developed, independent and intelligent characters while Madame Pernelle and Mariane weren't as well developed intellectually in the play as Dorine and Elmire.In the play Tartuf ... ne provides feminine insight and the raw sensibility of a woman. Dorine, a low-class lady's maid to Mariane in Tartuffe, uses the true voice of reason in this play. She sees Tartuffe; this holy man br ...

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Critique Of The Miser

skinny because the miser was so greedy with their salaries. My least favorite character was Mariane and I cannot even articulate why that is. Something about her just did not seem real. I unde ...

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Neoclassicism In Othello And Tartuffe

d plots murder. Tartuffe by Moliere, on the other hand, would be considered realistic. Valere and Mariane are in love, but her father wants her to marry someone whom she does not love. “…Say of ... f him, and would rejoice In being his wife, if that should be my choice…” Him being Tartuffe. Mariane responds, “But, Father, that’s false, you know. Why would you have me say what isn’t ...

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Analysis of Tartuffe based on Aristotelian Methods

ntry and commissioned Orgon to look after his incriminating papers and that it has been agreed that Mariane and Valère are to be wed.Learning and the arts are not specifically mentioned.Action ... .4 Orgon returns home and asks about Tartuffe, ignoring the plight of his wife•2.1 Orgon tells Mariane she will marry Tartuffe•2.4 Mariane and Valère argue and then formulate a plan w ...

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Moliere's Tartuffe

termined to live in their fantasized realms.In discussing the text in class I began to wonder about Mariane's boundless obedience. She seems to have no ability to stand up for herself, or to fight for ... herself, or to fight for what she wants. I began to put myself in her life, reliving her memories. Mariane seems to be Daddy's little girl. When Orgon approaches her alone, he asks her to prove her l ...

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