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This is a review of Black Hawk Down against the theories of Clausewitz's Book "Three in On War".

To truly understand the story behind the book Black Hawk Down by Philadelphia journalist Mark Bowden, it must be understood within context of then current foreign policy. Also, what must ne ... jective, the ultimate result of any such operation is doomed to fail. Though the final portrayal in Mark Bowden's book focuses much on the errors of a Ranger Company in the context of small unit opera ... bulations of the special operations task force mired in bloody battle in Mogadishu Somalia's Bakara Market on October 3rd 1993. The first thing that any new Ranger in Bravo Company 3rd Ranger Battalio ...

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Reading in a Combat Zone.

ere it was, a book with a helicopter on it, staring back at me. It was the book, Black Hawk Down by Mark Bowden. Embarrassing as it may be, it was the first book that I ever bought. A couple hours lat ...

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