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"An analysis of Mark Rothko's 1938 painting Subway Scene"

Prior to 1940 Rothko often painted deserted city environments, adopting an expressionistic style. Subway Scene (19 ... tail because the brushwork is crude. These factors lend the scene a cold and somewhat eerie feeling.Rothko's repeated use of vertical lines (specifically the railings and pillars) segregates the figur ... on is further back along the same line as the ticket booth and the figures on the descending stairs.Rothko uses the methods I have discussed to distance and segregate the spectator from the scene. Alo ...

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Eastern Influences on Modern Art.

e; eastern influence can be seen today in many works of art, the brilliant colour fields of painter Mark Rothko no doubt consciously or subconsciously inspired by eastern ideas of time and space. "Eve ...

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-Mark Rothko- Despite Rothko's achievements in the Art world.

Art Appreciation -Mark Rothko- Mark Rothko (Marcus Rothkowitz) was born in Dvinsk, Russia, on September 25, 1903, the ...

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Thoughts on Modernism

ts during this period that were considered to be avant-garde. It was during this period that in art Mark Rothko pushed the patron to their perceptive limits by his duality of simplicity and complexity ... odernism.voc.htmlMaylon, John. Artcyclopedia. 1999-2004. Academy of American Poets. Allen Ginsberg. 1999. ...

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Comparison of Jackson Pollack, Willem De Koonig and Mark Rothko in the modern era

rape some off, repaint, scrape and repaint. This added different heights and textures to Excavation.Mark Rothko was born in Russia in 1903, and immigrated to the United States in 1913, where he chose ... n era. Most of the artists at this time period were trying to come out with the most abstract piece.Mark Rothko's "number 10" is also similar in style to Jackson Pollock's "number 1". The difference b ...

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Mark Rothko and Mysticism.

am going to concentrate on the mystical implications of the work of the well known abstract painter Mark Rothko [1903-1970]. First I will sketch a brief description of the history of the beginning of ... ous arrangement of colours. His painting from 1875, Nocturne in Black and Gold, is considered a landmark in the history of abstraction.Nearly from its beginning, abstract painting was considered relat ...

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Using artists of your choice discuss the ways in which an artist (or artists) have privileged colour as an means of artistic expression.

nd refused to part with it for thirty-seven years until it was donated to the Musee du Petit Palais.Mark Rothko was an accomplished original colourist. Although he didn't like to be known as a colouri ... tre' the pink is obvious and by placing it on the orange background makes it stand out even further.Mark RothkoWhite centre - 1950'These paintings are beyond poetry and beyond picture making. To fanta ...

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Introduction This essay is about abstraction, Wassily Kandinsky and Mark Rothko. In the first subject I shall try to define the word abstraction and write about the pat ... y's theories on abstraction and analyse Kandinsky's Improvisation No 30. The third subject is about Mark Rothko and his experimentation with colour, scale, balance, depth, shape and composition. I wil ... 0 is, in short, a battle picture.Therefore this painting may be considered a Near-Abstract painting.Mark Rothko and his Experimentation with Colour, Scale, Balance, Depth, Shape and Composition.Mark R ...

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Messages Withdrawn From Modern Schools of Art

ing the stylistic label "overall" painting (Cunningham, 590).Other abstract expressionists, such as Mark Rothko developed color-field painting, and applied great expanses of subtly modulated color to ... ,'" and that to see his work "only in terms of color relationships" missed the point, as quoted in "Mark Rothko" of Claude Cernuschi. Abstract Expressionism is a school of art that its objects remarka ...

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Poetic Imagery

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