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Diamonds and Africa. Western influences on African Diamond mines.

the U.S. has been exposed to a DeBeers ad. A diamond is forever, is how it goes in this particular marketing campaign, the most successful ever conducted (Hart: 2001). Beautiful American couples expr ... d War Two, DeBeers, the company with nearly an absolute stranglehold on the diamond supply, began a marketing campaign of such ferocity that it literally changed the structure of Western value systems ...

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How successful was the marketing Campaign of Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone?

HOW SUCCESSFUL WAS THE MARKETING CAMPAIGN OF HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSPHERS STONE?The Harry Potter franchise is one of th ... ost profitable franchises of all time and the film is the second highest grosser after Titanic. The marketing campaign has helped the franchise to develop. This essay will examine the success of the m ... taste of how Rowling's words translated onto the big screen.But having started with such a measured marketing campaign, the floodgates were then opened.Subsequent trailers revealed the flying broomsti ...

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An analysis of a direct marketing campaign for a university.

the worth of this campaign it will be important to provide some parameters to work against. Direct Marketing has a number of characteristics:(1) acquiring and retaining customers without the use of a ... which allows response to be measured (Jobber, 2001)In this critique I will be utilising the Direct Marketing Planning Process outlines by O'Malley, Patterson and Evans (1999). The first stage in the ...

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Southwest Airlines positions itself as a different class of airline by having the most generous frequent flyer program of all major carriers.

irline by having the most generous frequent flyer program of all major carriers. Southwest Airlines marketing campaign emphasizes the company's role in keeping fare prices down and its quality of serv ...

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PepsiCo's Restaurants

when Alfred Steele was the CEO, the company moved from low price strategy and launched an extensive marketing campaign to boost the company's image. The strategy was successful. Sales increased to $14 ...

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Marketing Mix Analysis Marketing 421

Marketing MixThe term "Marketing Mix" was born in the early 1960's and is one of the more popular ph ... s born in the early 1960's and is one of the more popular phrases used in marketing. So what is the Marketing Mix? In an article titled "The Concept of the Marketing Mix" written by Neil H. Borden des ... the Marketing Mix" written by Neil H. Borden describes the four elements that actually make up the marketing mix. The four marketing elements of the mix are for all intents and purposes marketing tac ...

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The Day Music Took Over Popular Culture

m. "One of the biggest impacts is that the promotional video is now an essential part of any band's marketing campaign." stated Geoff Ellis. With MTV's inception, bands were now becoming popular and g ... stories; it was established by Warner Amex Satellite Entertainment Company (WASEC) after extensive marketing research. This televisions key to success was the availability of low cost programming in ...

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Corporate Strategy

, and produce the Intel Pentium Processor. Almost everybody is familiar with Intel because of their marketing campaign ¡§Intel Inside¡¨. They started this campaign for creating br ... uo; Advertising cost"« Gross Profit Margins"« Costs of research and development"« Marketing costs2.2 long termThe long term of a strategy is based on the economic life of the investm ...

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Microsoft Asia

a. With the launch date only four months away, she realized that she needed to initiate a sales and marketing campaign immediately. Her first step would be to develop a marketing plan which would ensu ... the pessimism towards the company as the local OEMs plays a major role in the distribution network.MARKETING PLAN1. Objectivesa. Penetration of Chinese market and to be the market leader in providing ...

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The Millennium Dome

... We conclude that a comprehensive contingency plan has not yet reached final form."[166]107. The marketing campaign has had to counter many preconceptions and media insinuations about the Dome. The ... nceptions and media insinuations about the Dome. The Company did not place a sufficient emphasis on marketing before the Dome opened and was unduly reliant on free coverage in the press. That approach ...

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The Telecommunications Act.

to build the right foundation (it is a lot more than hanging wires on poles), then to create a mass marketing campaign. The result became a silent truce between local telephone and cable companies, an ...

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Marilyn Manson and His Impact on Sub-culture.

ccess can be attributed not only to his entertainment abilities, but even more so to the incredible marketing campaign organized to promote himself and his crazy actions. His actions give the media a ... religious and more specifically, Christian groups. This image was created using Manson's genius for marketing. At the peak of this controversy, Manson had a cover story in Rolling Stone Magazine as we ...

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Gap Case Study.

ap, Inc. is a global company with fiscal revenues of $14.5 billion annually. Gap, Inc. controls the marketing interests of three major brands, and over 4,000 retail outlets internationally (Gap, Banan ... Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy are differentiated by their customer target, merchandise mix, and marketing approach, but share a common goal to deliver customers exceptional style, service, and val ...

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Market Research MKT421: Kudler Fine Foods

et each. Getting the most out of each square foot of the three stores will be the focus of Kudler's marketing campaign. The current plan is focusing on several areas; Research, development, and rollou ... ogram, Supplier relations program. Before beginning this plan, Kudler will need to perform research.Marketing research is the process of defining a marketing problem and opportunity, systematically co ...

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Environmental Factors - This paper identifies the environmental factors that affect global & domestic marketing decisions. - MKT / 421

IntroductionMarketing Coca-Cola in China has been a long and trying road. The Coca-Cola Company first opened bot ... exclusive markets than that of the larger cities and retailers. Coco-cola embarked on an aggressive marketing campaign. Some factors were distribution to the retailers; some of the smaller locations r ... Retrieved on January 8, 2006.William D. Perreault, Jr. & E. Jerome McCarthy.(2005) Basic Marketing (15th ed.)McGraw-Hill/Irwin, New York, NY.

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Movie marketing

Table of content1Introduction2 Planning a marketing campaign for a film2.1 Who are the target audiences of the movie2.2 What is the unique sel ... target audiences of the movie2.2 What is the unique selling point of the movie2.3 Cost of the movie marketing2.4 Marketing mix2.4.1 Product2.4.2 Pricing2.4.3 Distribution2.4.4 Advertising and promotio ... mix2.4.1 Product2.4.2 Pricing2.4.3 Distribution2.4.4 Advertising and promotion3The process of movie marketing4Marketing campaign4.1 Publicity4.1.1 Posters4.1.2 Books4.1.3 Author's celebrity4.1.4 Start ...

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Benetton Group

Benetton Group is one of many companies that conduct both domestic and global marketing. The company was established in 1965 in Italy. Due to strong marketing campaigns, today th ... 8 billion euro (Benetton Group, 2006). The merchandise is unique, flexible and innovative.The first marketing campaign that promoted communication was introduced in the 1980s. "Benetton Group's advert ... only a means of communication but an expression of our time" (Benetton Group, 2006). The company's marketing campaigns focus on communication and uniting diversity between people. Furthermore, Benett ...

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Market Research Methodology

As the marketing manager of company XYZ, I would choose several research methods for creating marketing cam ... .It is unlikely to collect data from everyone who is connected with the main purpose of the company marketing campaign; time and other resources will prevent this. Therefore, we would have to collect ... te and relevant information, with sufficient quality data to offer new insights on the topic of the marketing campaign (McDaniel and Gates, 1995, p. 88). To some extent, computer-mediated communicatio ...

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Integrated Marketing Communications - Ireland

once the State Department has approved the export releases, focusing on an outline for a successful marketing communications program will begin.Joining the Ireland Chamber of Commerce in the United St ... organization that can provide assistance and firsthand knowledge is invaluable in determining which marketing campaign to launch.Ireland has a diverse culture with many components that need to be addr ...

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Defining Marketing Paper - Personal definition of Marketing & definitions from two other sources.

Marketing is not an easy thing to define. The first thing that comes to my mind is that marketing is ... ct audience. Part of my job as a branch sales manager is making sure I'm the connection between our marketing department and my sales staff. Since it is such a big company, things are broken down. Our ... marketing department is in charge of researching our products and audience. They then provide these marketing leads to the management team, which then distributes them to the sales department. From th ...

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