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In your opinion what essential concepts should be included in a definition of marketing?

Marketing is a managerial process by which organizations identify, anticipate and satisfy target cus ... wants better than the competitors do so as to build a mutually beneficial long term relationships. Marketing is an ongoing process. Developing the 4P's (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) is also esse ... roduct may be a good, service, person, idea etc. A company must be very careful as to not fall into marketing myopia and focus on quality at the wrong stage.Then customer value is sought after. This i ...

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Marketing Myopia

In this article, Theodore Levitt broadened the marketing concept by probing the history of industries which failed and are doomed to fail. Accordin ... e society and its needs change. There are three points of view that he emphasized in the subject of marketing myopia. These notions, nonetheless contrary to common beliefs are: shadow of obsolescence, ... ts as output rises, only leads to the imbalance of attention pertaining to production as opposed to marketing of the product. The last sign of danger is the preoccupation with a product that lends its ...

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Marketing Myopia - MKT/421

Summary of Marketing MyopiaTheodore Levitt's work clearly lacks the sign of myopia; it is an early recognition ... in most of the industries. Although, at the time, when this article was written, generally accepted marketing strategies and the idea of marketing mix were known to management, sales and marketing oft ... ustry, should recognize that they are actually part of the energy industry, and should change their marketing strategies according to this industry's need. The consequences of the identification failu ...

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McDonald's SWOT

The overall Organizational Objective that sets the bounds for our Marketing Objective is a key element of organizational strategy. One of the first questions to be an ... iness are we in?" Theodore Leavitt explains the importance of this concept in the class HBR article Marketing Myopia. In this article, the author highlights the difference between being in the transpo ...

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Marketing Plan: Apple's IPhone.

�PAGE �2� �PAGE �17� iPhone Marketing Plan Running head: APPLE'S IPHONE MARKETING PLANApple's iPhone Marketing PlanFrank FoltynU ... ing PlanFrank FoltynUniversity of Maryland University CollegeTMAN 613 section 9041May 8, 2007iPhone Marketing Plan1.0 Executive SummaryApple's iPhone is an "all-in-one" device that is has remarkable f ... ouch display, and its personalization ability. The iPhone has a release date of June 2007. The main marketing strategy that Apple will be emphasizing is to offer an all-in-one device that could be ext ...

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Marketing Myopia: Theodore Levitt

Marketing myopia: Theodore � PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT �5� Running head: MARKETING MY ... odore � PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT �5� Running head: MARKETING MYOPIA: THEODORE LEVITTMarketing Myopia: Theodore LevittUniversity of Phoenix�Marketing MyopiaIn Theodore Levitt's a ... enix�Marketing MyopiaIn Theodore Levitt's article, "Marketing Myopia" (1975), the concept of marketing was widened by examining the history of failed industries doomed to fail eventually. Indus ...

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