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Gun Control.

In addition, more schools can be formed to help gun owners with safety, operation, maintenance, and marksmanship. These courses will lessen the accidental gunfire. Hundreds of thousands of jobs would ...

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Duty Or Murder Excellent Short Story

he majority of which I have spent as a Sniper. I had not been here three months before my excellent marksmanship was discovered and I was given the opportunity of a promotion and a position in the Uni ...

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An essay addressing the inaccuracy of the movie "Enemy at the Gates".

l the point where Germany's army ceased to function properly. A young peasant soldier, with perfect marksmanship known as Vassili Zaitsev was the hero of the movie. The first battle in Stalingrad was ...

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The Test

, but the reality of war was another thing. I had to keep myself highly trained in field crafts and marksmanship. I was a Marine, who at any given time would have to take out selected targets from con ...

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What were some of the experiences Australians had during the Vietnam war?

bers of troops, massive firepower and decisive battles while Australians concentrated on individual marksmanship, the independence of platoons, small scale platoons and ambushes. This resulted in Aust ...

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To Kill A Mockingbird - Atticus Finch

displays the greatest example of courage. This may be a reason why he did not reveal his talent of marksmanship to his children. It might have given them the wrong interpretation of courage. Atticus ...

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Alvin Cullium York The Great War Hero.

were all rejected. Alvin was introduced to the army in 1917 November 15. The army was amazed at the marksmanship of Alvin York but he did not want to shoot human being . He thought that it was a sin t ...

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Munich Massacre

were preparing to board the aircraft from the helicopters to begin their escape (GSG-9 sec.1). Poor marksmanship, mixed with a number of snipers whom refused to fire, led to the least desirable outcom ...

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