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Brief essay about the planet Mars. 596 words. Detailed about the surface of the planet, surroundings, and atmosphere.

The atmosphere above the surface of Mars is about 100 times less dense than the atmosphere of Earth. The Martian atmosphere is dense eno ... e is dense enough to support a weather system that includes clouds and winds. According to experts, Mars' roller coaster-like weather is more chaotic and unpredictable than scientists first thought. A ... s sometimes rage over the entire planet. Most of the dust storms occur during the perihelion - when Mars is closest to the sun. In addition, the dust storms continue to dominate the atmosphere and cli ...

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Astronomy Coursework.

da tells us that it may have been formed by breaking off a mother planet (possibly lying in between Mars and Jupiter). On the other hand, it may have just been some of the debris left over from the cr ... Mercury (88 days)c. Mercury = 350°CPluto = -230°CDifference = 580°Cd. Mars (-23°C) and Earth (20°C)e. Seven planets have moons- Mercury and Venus do not.f ...

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This Essay deals with the Gender roles and Family dynamics of the Ancient Greeks

nce suggests that roles are dictated by sex. Unlike the equality of the sexes found here in Canada, Mars is divided by gender borders. The males dominate the more intellectual aspects of Martian socie ... men provide the income. Since cosmetics and beauty are a large factor in the success of business on Mars, women greatly value their physical appearances. Therefore, Martian men choose physically attra ...

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Earth vs. Mars

Earth vs. Mars: The Two Planets Weigh InMars is the most Earth-like other world known, and with the two planet ... and interesting facts that compare and contrast the two very different worlds. Earth MarsDiameter About 7,926 miles (12,756 kilometers) but growing, at least at the equator. ... 365 days (the time needed to go around the Sun once). 687 Earth-days, or about 670 Mars days.Gravity Normal. 38 percent of that found on Earth at sea level.Tilt of rot ...

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Comets, meteors, and asteroids: their origin, properties, and geology

rom their brightness and distances.The orbits of most asteroids lie partially between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter in what is called the main-belt. Asteroids are classified by composition and reflec ...

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Back to Space

spending so much money on space activities?There are many good reasons why we should send people to mars and moon. Our universe is very complex and mysterious. The more we learn about it the better of ... acon, once said "Knowledge is Power." Many people wonder what is out there. Maybe sending people to mars and moon could answer some of our questions. NASA has had problems in the past, but they have h ...

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EXPANSION TO MARS PAPER!! This tells about what they plan to put a colony on Mars

Expansion to MarsMars is a small planet and even at most favorable times is never close to the Earth. It is 35 mi ... at most favorable times is never close to the Earth. It is 35 million miles away at the point where Mars is the closest to the Earth. This makes it difficult to observe details on the surface. Scienti ... This makes it difficult to observe details on the surface. Scientists, however, have found out that Mars is suitable for humans to expand to after a few adjustments of the atmosphere.Moreover, if we c ...

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Death in Space

we put on our space outfits I wondered would this new space shuttle work. Would it reach the planet Mars. But then I thought of all the fame I would get if the shuttle did reach Mars and we came back ... I saw the earth and wondered would I ever be able to get back there.As we now made our self towards Mars. As the crew and I started singing enjoying our self knowing that we would make it. Then there ...

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Essay on Three things necessary for life to evolve, SETI and CSETI, Earth an isolated planet, and the McDaniel report

s permitted it too. The Earth may have received the bacteria from meteorites heading for Earth from Mars asteroids. This is probable because Mars has a very low gravity level, and 10% of meteors eject ... eroids. This is probable because Mars has a very low gravity level, and 10% of meteors ejected from Mars hits the Earth. It would be very rare to find two other planets like Mars and Earth in a situat ...

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Artificial Intelligence: Is it Capable of Showing Flaws in Society?

orms of artificial intelligence. These androids are used as slaves for humans who have emigrated to Mars because of World War Terminus, which has caused the Earth to become a dark and desolate place w ... nt. As a bounty hunter, Deckard's job is to "retire" the androids that have fled their slavery from Mars in a hope for a better so called "life" on Earth. This is the underlying idea in Dick's metapho ...

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Algebra Basics, Equations, and Mathematical Models

x 1022 kg 1195 x 103mVenus 4.8685 x 1024 kg 6051.85 x 103mMars 6.418 x 1023kg 3402.45 x 103mNext we calculate acceleration d ... 841 m/s2Venus g = (6.673 x 10-11) x (4.8685 x 1024)/ (6051.85 x 103)2 = 8.8703 m/s2Mars g = (6.673 x 10-11) x (6.4185 x 1023)/ (3402.45 x 103)2 = 3.7 m/s2Time period ...

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Dorkon Files: The Escape

Dorkon is a small planet. Scientifically it is a moon, it orbits so close to Mars that Earth Astrologists have yet to discover it. The few inhabitants include an evil family tha ... s, that makeup the rest of the population, can remember. Legend says the Dorks originally came from Mars but an immense shortage of water and other natural resources critical to the Dork's survival ev ... it often.15093's two friends and her self would construct a ship that will transport all of them to Mars. Mars couldn't support the life of nearly 600 dorks, but she had no doubt they could somehow su ...

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Approaching the Unknown Mars

It has been an interesting topic to research on the reality of Mars for decades. There are various views as to whether life on Mars have had ever existed or whethe ... ogy to achieve this because no one knows how long it will take for a manned mission approaching the Mars lane. Eventually, the advanced technology of the European Space Agency and the National Aeronau ... ch inspires another prospective destiny in human history.The very first thought of making a trip to Mars started from Russia after the success of landing of man on the moon. Russia lost the race to th ...

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efore the Great War on earth started.Where I begin my journey of a long life story is on the planet Mars, one of many planets, which have been colonized. Here I live my life just as any human or Marti ... dn't want everyone to spilt to their own nation. It became a huge dispute and became a war finally. Mars out of the picture we didn't really care about what they were doing. Both sides asked us, Marti ...

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Did Life Come From Mars? The origin of life was the subject of the lecture. For example, there are mountains in ... to the Eucarya. Last is the Archaea. But what is amazing is that the Eucarya has a nucleus. Mars can have life because life doesn't necessarily have to be in the surface of the planet. It coul ... t. It could be underneath the surface. In the late 1970's NASA sent out the Viking landing craft to Mars. It was all rock and dirt. A sojourner vehicle was a little toy that drove around with a remote ...

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The Astrology Profile

kind of love they crave is generally more affectionate in nature than passionate. However, because Mars rules Aries, March 24 people come under a Venus/Mars connection that grants sexual attractivene ...

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Building a spacecraft to travel to Mars

pacecraft DesignOur task that we have been set is to create a space shuttle and create a mission to Mars. The space shuttle will need to store necessary equipment for the astronauts such as water, foo ... 0= 7.5rpmThe MissionThe most fuel efficient way our astronauts and the Space shuttle will travel to mars and back is to use the to minimum-energy transfer between circular orbits is an elliptical traj ...

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Addendum To "The Martian Chronicles"

Month One of Solar Year One: Progression Year after year, they sought to bring Mars back to its former glory. Terran mistakes were dealt with, as the new Martians worked to cleans ... of these unsightly impurities. The first to change was the relative time difference between Mars and Earth. A few quick calculations proved that Martian and Terran days were different in lengt ... nt throughout the countryside, eventually taking up residence near the abandoned Martian cities.And Mars became a planet of Martians once again.Month Four of Solar Year 42: The Follower "Hey, would yo ...

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Current and Future Planetary missions

Current and Future Planetary MissionsMarsOver the years there have been many missions to Mars, some were very successful, while others we ... ts which can better analyze the surface. Astronomers are already hard at work on future missions to mars which include studying the geology of mars, and possibly bringing back samples to be analyzed h ... rs, and possibly bringing back samples to be analyzed here on earth. Looking back on past missions, Mars is indeed very interesting to study, and it is very intriguing to look at future missions which ...

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