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The World Communicator --- A complete history on the Cellular Phone and an inside look on the technology involved

How the cell phone came to be? Who invented it?The history of the cell phone can be traced back to Martin Cooper. He is known by many as the father of the cellular phone. He was hired by Motorola to ... ratories) were in a race to incorporate cellular technology into portable devices. Motorola, led by Martin Cooper, was the first company to make use of cellular technology. By 1973, they had set up a ...

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Buyer Behaviour - Mobile Phone The Latest Technology

AT & T in 1947. There are several generations in mobile phone history.In 1973 Motorola manager Martin Cooper stunned every one by using the 1st practical mobile phone. It could be used from anywh ...

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greatest inventions

On the other hand, the invention of cellphones also revolutionized our lives. They were invented By Martin Cooper in 1973. He wanted to give people the freedom to talk with other people wherever they ...

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