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The Life and Times of Hitler

8, he was temporarily blinded, and put in a hospital, then blamed germans losing the war on 'Jewish Marxist Backstabbers'. After this, he attempted to make a party, the National German Workers group, ...

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George Orwell's Animal Farm, an allegory of Stalinism

Old major declares: "Let us face it, our lives are miserable, laborious and short". He declares in Marxist terms that Man is the problem: "Only get rid of the Man, and the produce of our labour would ...

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The Qeustion of Equality

tarian demand is understood is crucial to the distinction between the Democratic Revolution and the Marxist-Jacobin Revolution.The Marxist answer to the egalitarian demand is the dictatorship of the p ... he proletariat.'In a society such as ours, in which the rich are too few and the poor too many, the Marxist-Jacobinist approach has a ringing appeal. With the term proletariat, one simply substitutes ...

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Rise and Fall of Communism in Russia

yment of the common wealth, more or less according to their need.' In 1917 the rise of power in the Marxist-inspired Bolsheviks in Russia along with the consolidation of power by Vladimir Lenin and Jo ...

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The French Revolution Study Notes

m what had become rather sterile arguments about how many sans-culottes could dance on the tip of a marxist pin to wider concerns about the value of community, work processes and relationships, as wel ... ghly original and readable,- The Police and the People. Although influenced in his earlier years by marxist scholars, Cobb was, in reality, an English, Oxbridge anarchist/individualist, endowed with a ...

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Examine Functionalist and Marxist explanations of the family.

Functionalists and Marxist diverse had views on the family. Functionalist theory asserts that there will be a specific ... other criticism of the functionalist view is that assumptions are made about industrial society.The Marxist view rejects the functionalist view that society is based on value consensus and thus operat ... ciety and it is just one of a number of institutions which serves the needs of the economic system. Marxist argued that it is the specific requirements of the capitalist mode of production, which have ...

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"Afghanistan" This essay is about the history of events that has happened in Afghanistan, and about the past to present leaders.

nd most members of his family.All happened after the assassination of Mir Akbar Khyber, April 17, a Marxist ideologue a member of the Parcham faction of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan. ( ... logue a member of the Parcham faction of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan. (PDPA) was a Marxist-oriented party. On April 19 the party organized a mass rally and march in the honor of Khybe ...

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Explaining functionalism, marxism, and symbolic interactionism and some differences between these 3 sociological perspectives

betweendominant and secondary segments of society. The concept of power is of great significancefor Marxist sociologists.Symbolic interactionism focuses on the effect of language and behavior and how ...

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Critically compare and contrast traditional marxist and functionalist perspectives on crime.

Tutor: Joanne Green CRIMINOLOGYPage 1CRITICALLY COMPARE AND CONTRAST FUNCTIONALIST AND TRADITIONAL MARXIST PERSPECTIVES ON CRIMEThere are many theories on why crime exists as well has who is committi ... mitting the crimes and the underlying reasons behind it The two main perspectives being Traditional Marxist and Functionalist both with different views they share very little in common, however they d ...

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The Vampire: What boundaries does it threaten?

cula is open to many interpretations, each accompanying their own boundaries the Vampire threatens. Marxist's view Dracula as a metaphor for capitalism, whilst the queer perspective views it as a stru ... cal lens (primarily Freud and Lacanian); queer and gender studies analysis; Jungian approach; and a Marxist interpretation, to assess the preternatural jeopardy the Vampire embodies. It is however imp ...

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Feminist theory.

ss, age or "race"), there exist different feminist standpoints within the feminist tradition - i.e. Marxist or Postmodernist feminists (and this explains the need to talk of Feminisms - in plural). In ...

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This is a review and examination of Orwell's Homage to Catalonia. It concerns the Spanish Civil war, specifically from the side of the POUM.

n extremely well written novel. Orwell, an Englishman by way of India, joined the Workers' Party of Marxist Unity (POUM) to fight against Fascism, and if asked why he was fighting, would have said for ...

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Latin America.

Considered objectively, despite its "Marxist" and "communist" airs, the socialism of the Latin American "left" has, in reality, a bourgeo ... nature.The backwardness which persists in many Latin American regions explains the consistently non-Marxist political positions of "socialist" petty-bourgeois democracy. Many of these sectors deny the ...

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Evaluate the causes and failure of the self-strengthening movement. How did its failure affect China up to 1912?

The Self-strengthening Movement (1860-1894) was also named "Yang-Wu Yun-Tung" by the Marxist historians. It is because the movement did not strengthen China and it depended too much on ...

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Application of criminology theories to movies

deviance onto white Australia with the colonial period.The film contains references to Positivism, Marxist criminology, Labelling theory, Republican Theory, Strain Theory, Classical Theory, New Right ... ical Criminology.The predominant theories throughout the film however are Biological Positivism and Marxist Criminology.The Europeans view Aboriginals as an inferior race, which would accord with Biol ...

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Marxist Ethics This essay explores the idea of whether or not there are 'ethics' in marxism

they wrote very little on the subject of ethics. There is no direct explanation or definition of a "Marxist ethics", and the brief references to morals and ethics are limited. Many critics take this t ... armful to the cause, and therefore useless and pointless. According to Trotsky, "To a revolutionary Marxist there can be no contradiction between personal morality and the interests of the party, sinc ...

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How can it be explained that Nazism made real, if partial, inroads into wider German Society?

has been extensively debated by various historians, leading to a spectrum of opinions ranging from Marxist perspectives that emphasise a strengthening of class structures within German society, there ... of the question 'to what extent did Nazism make real if partial inroads into wider German society?' Marxist analysis stresses the continuities between Wilhelmine Germany and Nazi Germany such as a des ...

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Marxist framework applied to theories of media and culture today

Can a Marxist framework still contribute to theories of media and culture today?There are instances in the ... e and it is likely this will lead to a battle in the court room also ( a Marxist framework to this example obviously seems to work well. All of these situations and examples ... st because they want something does not mean they are going to get it. In this case you can apply a Marxist framework as well as the Cultural Studies. Time Warner probably reacted to complaints from c ...

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Title: Critically assess the concepts used by Emile Durkheim in his analysis of the social changes caused by rapid industrialization and modernization.

Distinguished himself from Marxist insistence on economic factor as the determinant of social change and Weber's famous view on ... ounders of the modern sociology, Durkheim's theory had been attacked by many sociologists including Marxists and Weberian. For instance, on the view of occupational association, Marxists see professio ...

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Jack London, Darwinism in Jack London, A Zoom On "Law of Life"

n "right" and " left" intensified by the Cold War. This is the due in part to the London studies by Marxist and social critics who succeeded in maintaining a healthy debate around London's works that ...

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