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w/3 mm. Hole)-Glucose-Bakers yeast suspension-Balance-Molding clay-Submersible test tube racks-Pins-Masking tape-wax pencil10 ml. pipette w/pump50ml. graduated cylinderDropping pipetteIceStirring rods ...

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Chem Lab, do ions combine in definite ratios.

(II0 sulfate solution-Seven test tubes-10 ml sodium carbonate solution-1 test tube rack- Tap water-Masking Tape-Two Eye DroppersPROCEDURE1.Placed goggles on face.2.Numbered the test tubes from 1 ? 5 ...

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Resistance in wires.

ocodile clips - attach to the wires6 leads - use to connect circuitRuler - to measure length of wireMasking tape - measure and tape against the rulerPower pack - supply energy in voltsVolt meter - mea ... ge.PrecisionWe measured the wire accurately by holding it taut and then we measured it by using the masking tape. I held it against the ruler and taped it to the ruler still allowing us to move the cr ...

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Bimetallic Strip

device. You can use any two kinds of metal, like brass or iron. Or any strong type of thing , like masking tape and scotch tape.How does a bimetallic strip work? "It bends with any change in temperat ...

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red that may have lead to slight errors. These problems were usually problems of measurement. Using masking tape can cause slight errors if not applied to the cylinder properly. There were slight diff ... ion would be the incorporation of a "height" scale on the graduated cylinders to abolish the use of masking tape for height measurements. Continued use of masking tape may lead to errors.The graphical ...

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