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A short biography on Abraham Lincoln

Abraham LincolnThe most famous Mathew Brady picture ever taken was of Abraham Lincoln on February 25, 1861. This portrait appears o ... lavery." On April 14, 1865 John Wilkes Booth shot the president in the head and he died on April 15.Mathew Brady Civil War Photographer. Elizabeth Van Steenwyk. Pg ...

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American Photography

60's. It is argued that President Abraham Lincoln would not have won the election if it weren't for Mathew Brady who took a photograph of him, in which he made Lincoln appear "more handsome and less g ...

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How Photojournalism affects History

on photojournalism was during the American Civil War. Many people associate the famous photographer Mathew Brady with this war."No one will ever know what I went through to secure those negatives. The ... secure those negatives. The world can never appreciate it. It changed the whole course of my life."-Mathew BradyMathew Brady (1822-1896), born near New York, was 42 when the war began. His desire was ...

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